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A frit is the powdered form a man-made glass. Frits are premelted, then ground to a glass. They have tightly controlled chemistries, they are available for glazes of all types.

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Materials BPS Calcium Borate Frit
Materials BPS High Alkaline Frit
Materials BPS Low Expansion Frit
Materials BPS Standard Borax Frit
Materials Matthey Calcium Borate Frit
Materials Ferro Frit 1081
Materials Hommel Frit 14
Materials Frit 1817
Materials Frit 1818
Materials Matthey Frit 20126
Materials Matthey Frit 20306G
Materials Frit A 2120
Materials Potclays Frit 2263
Materials Potclays Frit 2279
Materials Hommel Frit 242
Materials Hommel Frit 259
Materials Hommel Frit 266
Materials Hommel Frit 267
Materials Frit 282-b
Materials Hommel Frit 285
Materials Frit 288-B
Materials James Kent Frit 2917X0
Materials Hommel Frit 378A
Materials Ferro Frit 3110
High sodium, high thermal expansion low boron frit. A super-feldspar in clay bodies.
Materials Ferro Frit 3124
A commonly available borosilicate frit is high in calcium.
Materials Ferro Frit 3134
A frit with 23% B2O3. The most common of frits used in pottery in North America. Around the world, other companies make frits of equivalent chemistry.
Materials Ferro Frit 3185
Materials Ferro Frit 3191
Materials Ferro Frit 3193
Materials Ferro Frit 3195
Materials Ferro Frit 3211
Materials Ferro Frit 3221
Materials Ferro Frit 3223
Materials Ferro Frit 3224
Materials Ferro Frit 3225
Materials Ferro Frit 3226
Materials Ferro Frit 3227
Materials Ferro Frit 3230
Materials Ferro Frit 3234
Materials Ferro Frit 3240
Materials Ferro Frit 3247
Materials Ferro Frit 3248
Materials Ferro Frit 3249
A magnesia borosilicate frit having very low thermal expansion and melting point. Invaluable in pottery as to increase the MgO in glazes to prevent crazing.
Materials Ferro Frit 3264
Materials Ferro Frit 3269
Materials Ferro Frit 3270
Materials Ferro Frit 4171
Materials Ferro Frit 3275
Materials Ferro Frit 3276
Materials Ferro Frit 3278
Materials Ferro Frit 3280
Materials Ferro Frit 3281
Materials Ferro Frit 3284
Materials Ferro Frit 3286
Materials Ferro Frit 3288
Materials Ferro Frit 3289
Materials Ferro Frit 3291
Materials Ferro Frit 3292
Materials Ferro Frit 3293
Materials Ferro Frit 3302-D
Materials Ferro Frit 3336
Materials Ferro Frit 3814
Materials Ferro Frit 3819
Materials Ferro Frit 3820
Materials Ferro Frit 3824
Materials Ferro Frit 3831
Materials Ferro Frit 3833
Materials Ferro Frit 3834
Materials Ferro Frit 3838
Materials Ferro Frit 3846
Materials Ferro Frit 3851
Materials Hommel Frit 389
Materials Hommel Frit 3GF61A
Materials Hommel Frit 400
Materials Ferro Frit 4124
Materials Ferro Frit 4346
Materials Hommel Frit 442
Materials Frit 45301
Materials Ferro Frit 4616
Materials Ferro Frit 4712
Materials Hommel Frit 494
Materials Hommel Frit 497
Materials Frit 5151
Materials Hommel Frit 529
Materials Ferro Frit 5301
Materials Fusion Frit 5325
Materials Hommel Frit 550
Materials Hommel Frit 630
Materials Hommel Frit 642
Materials Hommel Frit 698
Materials Hommel Frit 90
Materials Degussa Frit 90198
Materials Ferro Frit 938
Materials Ferro Frit CC-233
Materials Ferro Frit CC-250
Materials Ferro Frit CC-251
Materials Ferro Frit CC-252
Materials Ferro Frit CC-253
Materials Ferro Frit CC-254
Materials Ferro Frit CC-257
Materials Ferro Frit CC-257-2
Materials Ferro Frit CC-263
Materials Ferro Frit CC-265
Materials Ferro Frit CC-266
Materials Ferro Frit CC-270
Materials Ferro Frit CC-277
Materials Ferro Frit CC-657
Materials Ferro Frit CM-944
Materials Ferro Frit CZ-105
Materials James Kent Frit D9991
Materials James Kent Frit DR1327
Materials James Kent Frit DR1328
Materials Fusion Frit F-10
Materials Fusion Frit F-102
Materials Fusion Frit F-105
Materials Fusion Frit F-12
Materials Fusion Frit F-125
Materials Fusion Frit F-13
Materials Fusion Frit F-134
Materials Fusion Frit F-15
Materials Fusion Frit F-175
Materials Fusion Frit F-18
Materials Fusion Frit F-19
Materials Fusion Frit F-2
Materials Fusion Frit F-215
Materials Fusion Frit F-237
Materials Fusion Frit F-245
Materials Fusion Frit F-280
Materials Fusion Frit F-300
Materials Fusion Frit F-304
Materials Fusion Frit F-309
Materials Fusion Frit F-310
Materials Fusion Frit F-34
Materials Fusion Frit F-367
Materials Fusion Frit F-38
Materials Fusion Frit F-380
Materials Fusion Frit F-390
Materials Fusion Frit F-395
Materials Fusion Frit F-403
For ceramic glazes this is a higher quality and safer source of BaO than barium carbonate. It contains 35% BaO.
Materials Fusion Frit F-43
Materials Fusion Frit F-49
Materials Fusion Frit F-492
Materials Fusion Frit F-493
This frit is very valuable for one simple reason: It is a higher-quality source of Li2O for glazes than raw lithium carbonate. It contains 11% Li2O.
Materials Fusion Frit F-495
Materials Fusion Frit F-496
Materials Fusion Frit F-499
Materials Fusion Frit F-506
Materials Fusion Frit F-520B
Materials Fusion Frit F-541
Materials Fusion Frit F-60
Materials Fusion Frit F-65
Materials Fusion Frit F-69
A magnesia borosilicate frit having very low thermal expansion and melting point. Commonly used as a substitute for Ferro frit 3249.
Materials Fusion Frit F-71
Materials Fusion Frit F-74
Materials Fusion Frit F-75
Materials Fusion Frit F-76
Materials Fusion Frit F-77
Materials Fusion Frit F-79
Materials Fusion Frit F-95
Materials James Kent Frit F12
Materials Fusion Frit FZ-16
The champion in our frit melt-off competitition. This frit showcases the amazing fluxing power of boron and zinc working together. It is 15.5% ZnO.
Materials Ferro Frit FB-145-G
Materials Ferro Frit FB-149B
Materials Ferro Frit FB-250-L
Materials Ferro Frit FB-258-A
Materials Ferro Frit FB-276-P
Materials Ferro Frit FB-280-L
Materials Ferro Frit FB-282-B
Materials Ferro Frit FB-282-O
Materials Ferro Frit FB-284-M
Materials Ferro Frit FB-288-D
Materials Fusion Frit FL-17
Materials Fusion Frit FL-28
Materials Fusion Frit FL-308
Materials Fusion Frit FL-4
Materials Fusion Frit FL-42
Materials Fusion Frit FL-43
Materials Fusion Frit FL-46
Materials Fusion Frit FL-51
Materials Fusion Frit FL-55
Materials Fusion Frit FZ-10
Materials Fusion Frit FZ-14
Materials Hommel Frit 840
Materials Fusion Frit FZ-164
Materials Fusion Frit FZ-22
Materials Fusion Frit FZ-23
Materials Fusion Frit FZ-24
Materials Fusion Frit FZ-241
Materials Fusion Frit FZ-25
Materials Fusion Frit FZ-276
Materials Fusion Frit FZ-284
Materials Fusion Frit FZ-30
Materials Fusion Frit FZ-35
Materials Fusion Frit FZ-376
Materials Fusion Frit FZ-376A
Materials Fusion Frit FZ-390
Materials Fusion Frit FZ-430
Materials Fusion Frit FZ-557
Materials Fusion Frit FZ-6
Materials Fusion Frit FZ-84
Materials Fusion Frit FZ-9
Materials Hommel Frit G-26
Materials General Frit GF-100
Materials General Frit GF-103
Materials General Frit GF-104
Materials General Frit GF-106
Materials General Frit GF-109
Materials General Frit GF-110
Materials General Frit GF-111
Materials General Frit GF-112
Materials General Frit GF-113
Materials General Frit GF-114
Materials General Frit GF-115
Materials General Frit GF-118
Materials General Frit GF-125
Materials General Frit GF-126
Materials General Frit GF-127
Materials General Frit GF-129
Materials General Frit GF-134
Materials General Frit GF-136
Materials General Frit GF-140
Materials General Frit GF-141
Materials General Frit GF-143
Materials General Frit GF-144
Materials General Frit GF-146
Materials General Frit GF-150
Materials General Frit GF-154
Materials General Frit GF-156
Materials General Frit GF-160
Materials General Frit GF-8
Materials Hommel Frit K-3
Materials Ferro Frit 4110
Materials Frit LP891
Materials Johnson Matthey Frit 623
Materials Frit MOK 1
Materials James Kent Frit N4129
Materials Pemco Frit P-1000
Materials Pemco Frit P-1090
Materials Pemco Frit P-1225
Materials Pemco Frit P-1409
Materials Pemco Frit P-1413
Materials Pemco Frit P-1701
Materials Pemco Frit P-1733
Materials Pemco Frit P-1836
Materials Pemco Frit P-1855
Materials Pemco Frit P-1A43
Materials Pemco Frit P-1A44
Materials Pemco Frit P-1F07
Materials Pemco Frit P-1J81
Materials Pemco Frit P-1N72
Materials Pemco Frit P-1R63
Materials Pemco Frit P-1T27
Materials Pemco Frit P-1V04
Materials Pemco Frit P-1V31
Materials Pemco Frit P-2201
Materials Pemco Frit P-238
Materials Pemco Frit P-239
Materials Pemco Frit P-25
Materials Pemco Frit P-283
Materials Pemco Frit P-2D27
Materials Pemco Frit P-2G63
Materials Pemco Frit P-2J57
Materials Pemco Frit P-2V25
Materials Pemco Frit P-311
Materials Pemco Frit P-318
Materials Pemco Frit P-3E12
Materials Pemco Frit P-3K51
Materials Pemco Frit P-3T928
Materials Pemco Frit P-404
Materials Pemco Frit P-4D79
Materials Pemco Frit P-4K05
Materials Pemco Frit P-4K47
Materials Pemco Frit P-4N57
Materials Pemco Frit P-54
Materials Pemco Frit P-586
Materials Pemco Frit P-609
Materials Pemco Frit P-626
Materials Pemco Frit P-64
Materials Pemco Frit P-67
Materials Pemco Frit P-688
Materials Pemco Frit P-760
Materials Pemco Frit P-786
Materials Pemco Frit P-802
Materials Pemco Frit P-827
Materials Pemco Frit P-830
Materials Pemco Frit P-878
Materials Pemco Frit P-926
Materials Pemco Frit P-930
Materials Pemco Frit P-941
Materials Pemco Frit P-991
Materials PotteryCrafts Frit P2953
Materials PotteryCrafts Frit P2954
A calcium borate frit (with extremely high boron).
Materials PotteryCrafts Frit P2955
Materials PotteryCrafts Frit P2960
Materials PotteryCrafts Frit P2962
Materials Frit PC-4C-74
Materials James Kent Frit SN121
Materials James Kent Frit SN70
Materials James Kent Frit SN72
Materials James Kent Frit SN97
Materials Frit 6004
Materials Frit XF-150
Materials T-Material
Materials Frit 1214
Materials Roudnice Frit 02291
Materials Frit 1213
Materials Ferro Frit 1212
Materials Frit 1210
Materials Frit 1209
Materials Frit 1203
Materials Frit 1202
Materials Frit 1201
Materials Blyth Frit 3104
Materials Hommel Frit 25
Materials Fusion Frit F-225
Materials Ferro Frit 4396
Materials Frit 3221
Materials Frit 1510
Materials Frit 2963
Materials Potterycrafts Frit P2958
Materials Frit 1451
Materials Frit RCG 2430
Materials Frit 439
Materials Pemco Frit P-3T355
Materials Pemco Frit P-1084
Materials Ferro Frit 4112
A calcium borate frit (with extremely high boron).
Materials Matthey Frit 3701F
Materials Fusion Frit F-524
Materials Pemco Frit P-278
Materials MOK 3 Borax frit
Materials Degussa Frit 90167
Materials R76 Frit
Materials 1048 Frit
Materials Potclays Frit 2275
Materials Frit 1047
Materials Potclays Frit 2270
Materials Potclays Frit 2268
Materials Frit A3249/p
Materials Colorobia Frit F4
Materials Colorobia Frit F5
Materials Degussa Frit 90208M
Materials Solargil Frit FR3
Materials Solargil Frit FR4
Materials Solargil Frit FR5
Materials Solargil Frit FR7
Materials Solargil Frit FR8
Materials Solargil Frit FR9
Materials Solargil Frit FR10
Materials Ferro Frit 4108
Materials Pemco Frit P-757
Materials Frit NR 2
Materials Johnson Matthey Frit 169
Materials Frit J
Materials Fusion Frit FZ-583
Materials Fusion Frit F-413
Materials Bayer Frit J-239-P
Materials Fusion Frit F644
Materials Glostex Frit H-2
Materials Hommel Frit 378
Materials Glostex Frit 32
Materials Hommel Frit 166
Materials Fusion Frit F-26
Materials Frit
Frits are made by melting mixes of raw materials, quenching the melt in water, grinding the pebbles into a powder. Frits have chemistries raw materials cannot.
Materials Hommel Frit 4GF56E
Materials Fusion Frit F-592
Materials Ferro Frit CM-887
Materials Hommel Frit 4GF63A
Materials Hommel Frit 49
Materials Fusion Frit F-588
Materials Fusion Frit 435
Materials Pemco Frit P-1R41
Materials Pemco Frit Pb-1X22
Materials Pemco Frit P-1X24
Materials Pemco Frit P-2C05
Materials Pemco Frit P-2C59
Materials Pemco Frit P-835
Materials Pemco Frit P-2D50
Materials Pemco Frit P-2D71
Materials Pemco Frit Pb-2G12
Materials Fusion Frit F-02
Materials Fusion Frit F-05
Materials Pemco Frit P-3V126
Materials Fusion Frit F-145
Materials Pemco Frit P-1853
Materials Frit V-3
Materials Hommel Frit 316
Materials Fusion Frit FZ-45
Materials Hommel Frit 61
Materials Hommel Frit 402
Materials Hommel Frit 403
Materials Hommel Frit 334
Materials Douteux Frit LB75
Materials General Frit 400F
Materials General Frit L-294-J
Materials Pemco Frit J-43
Materials Fusion Frit 294
Materials Fusion Frit F-326
Materials Fusion Frit F-359
Materials Fusion Frit F-502
Materials Fusion Frit F-537
Materials Fusion Frit F-562
Materials Fusion Frit F-567
Materials Fusion Frit F-577
Materials Fusion Frit F-578
Materials Fusion Frit F-579
Materials Fusion Frit F-582
Materials Fusion Frit F-585
Materials Fusion Frit F-586
Materials Pemco Frit P-2N87
Materials Pemco Frit P-2P36
Materials Hommel Frit 4GF57B
Materials Fusion Frit 605
Materials Fusion Frit F-611
Materials Fusion Frit FZ-556
Materials Fusion Frit FZ-565
Materials Fusion Frit FZ-576
Materials Fusion Frit FZ-589
Materials Pemco Frit P-1734
Materials General Frit GF-108
Materials Pemco Frit P-1679
Materials Hommel Frit 5
Materials Frit HP33
Materials Hommel Frit 361
Materials Hommel Frit 399
Materials Hommel Frit 432
Materials Hommel Frit 435
Materials Hommel Frit 445
Materials Ferro Frit 3532
Materials Hommel Frit 488
Materials Hommel Frit 490
Materials Hommel Frit 498
Materials Hommel Frit 2106
Materials Ferro Frit 3127
Materials Ferro Frit 3299
Materials Ferro Frit 3813
Materials Ferro Frit 210R
Materials Ferro Frit R-210M
Materials Hommel Frit 290
Materials Pemco Frit J-22
Materials Hommel Frit 383
Materials Ferro Frit 3456
Materials Hommel Frit 571
Materials Ferro Frit 3442
Materials Hommel Frit 487
Materials Hommel Frit 4GF152E
Materials Hommel Frit 446
Materials Hommel Frit 579
Materials Hommel Frit 385
Materials Hommel Frit 3GF84C
Materials Hommel Frit 69
Materials Hommel Frit 2GF56A
Materials Hommel Frit 28F198
Materials Hommel Frit 2GF27D
Materials Hommel Frit 634
Materials Hommel Frit 220
Materials Ferro Frit 3438
Materials Pemco Frit P-1154
Materials Hommel Frit 2GF64A
Materials Pemco Frit P-1492
Materials Hommel Frit 1006
Materials Fusion Frit FL-39
Materials Hommel Frit 28
Materials Ferro Frit 3898
Materials Hommel Frit 2GF56C
Materials Pemco Frit Pb-2F-35
Materials Hommel Frit 2GF6K
Materials Pemco Frit P-349
Materials Ferro Frit 3878
Materials Hommel Frit 468
Materials Ferro Frit 3541
Materials Pemco Frit Pb-967
Materials Pemco Frit J-239
Materials Hommel Frit 2GF37C
Materials Ferro Frit 3499
Materials Pemco Frit Pb-1R-43
Materials Ferro Frit 3528
Materials Pemco Frit Pb-1931
Materials Hommel Frit 472
Materials Hommel Frit 474
Materials Pemco Frit Pb-1K-75
Materials Hommel Frit 477
Materials Hommel Frit 509
Materials Ferro Frit FB-208-L
Materials Pemco Frit J-241
Materials Hommel Frit 520
Materials Hommel Frit 566
Materials Ferro Frit 3210
Materials Pemco Frit J-224
Materials Ferro Frit 3451
Materials Hommel Frit 574
Materials Fusion Frit FL-99
Materials Hommel Frit 71
Materials Ferro Frit 3620
Materials Hommel Frit 367
Materials Pemco Frit Pb-71
Materials Hommel Frit RW238E
Materials General Frit GF-509
Materials Hommel Frit T-206
Materials Ferro Frit 3441
Materials Hommel Frit T-88
Materials Ferro Frit 3455
Materials Hommel Frit 3GF13C
Materials Hommel Frit 3GF132E
Materials Hommel Frit 1005
Materials Hommel Frit 3GF272C
Materials Hommel Frit 3GF276C
Materials Pemco Frit P-1941
Materials Hommel Frit 4GF156B
Materials Pemco Frit 3185
Materials Hommel Frit 542
Materials Pemco Frit 3191
Materials Hommel Frit 276
Materials Pemco Frit 3211
Materials Hommel Frit 3GF272B
Materials Pemco Frit J-394
Materials Hommel Frit 4GF65B
Materials Hommel Frit 4GF154D
Materials Ferro Frit 3337
Materials Hommel Frit 64B
Materials Hommel Frit 536
Materials Hommel Frit 2GF65E
Materials Hommel Frit 555
Materials Hommel Frit 581
Materials Hommel Frit 4GF135E
Materials Hommel Frit 4GF148E
Materials Pemco Frit J-344
Materials Hommel Frit 4GF151B
Materials Hommel Frit 4GF153A
Materials Hommel Frit 4GF40E
Materials Ferro Frit 3446
Materials Hommel Frit 4GF45C
Materials Hommel Frit 1030
Materials Hommel Frit 1021
Materials Hommel Frit 4GF137C
Materials Hommel Frit 4GF79D
Materials Hommel Frit 4GF95D
Materials Ferro Frit 3536
Materials Hommel Frit 4GF48B
Materials Hommel Frit 4GF71D
Materials Ferro Frit 221-201
Materials Hommel Frit 4GF93E
Materials Ferro Frit 114
Materials Hommel Frit 4GF113A
Materials Hommel Frit 4GF137A
Materials Ferro Frit CM-895
Materials Hommel Frit 3GF267C
Materials Ferro Frit FB-286-D
Materials Hommel Frit 3GF238B
Materials Ferro Frit Z-119
Materials Hommel Frit 3GF222A
Materials Ferro Frit 3462
Materials Hommel Frit 3GF195B
Materials Ferro Frit FB-288-A
Materials Hommel Frit 4GF164E
Materials Ferro Frit CZ-102
Materials Hommel Frit 2GF11C
Materials Hommel Frit 2GF241A
Materials Hommel Frit 2GF188
Materials Hommel Frit 2GF145C
Materials Ferro Frit FB-175-L
Materials Hommel Frit 2GF128B
Materials Hommel Frit 465
Materials Ferro Frit CZ-106
Materials Hommel Frit 4GF52A
Materials Ferro Frit CL-408
Materials Hommel Frit 1020
Materials Hommel Frit 4GF53C
Materials Ferro Frit CC-411
Materials Hommel Frit 4GF63D
Materials Hommel Frit 1007
Materials Hommel Frit 4GF171B
Materials Pemco Frit Pb-40
Materials Hommel Frit 4GF175B
Materials Hommel Frit 4GF173D
Materials Potclays Frit 2265
Materials Potclays Frit 2266
Materials Matrix Frit B40-C
Materials Matrix Frit B70-A
Materials Degussa Frit 90420
Materials Heraeus Schauer Frit K 1325
Materials Heraeus Schauer Frit K 1562
Materials Heraeus Schauer Frit K 3066
Materials Fusion Frit FZ-580
Materials PotteryCrafts Frit P2957
Materials PotteryCrafts Frit P2961
Materials PotteryCrafts Frit P3110
Materials Ferro Frit 4049
Materials Ferro Frit 4113
Materials Ferro Frit 4193
Materials Ferro Frit 271D
Materials Chrysanthos Frit FR001
Materials Ferro Frit 4101
Materials Ferro Frit 4144
Materials Ferro Frit 4125
Materials Ferro Frit 530
Materials Frit 1078
Materials Ferro Frit 1057
Materials Ferro Frit 1085
Materials Ferro Frit 9146
Materials Ferro Frit 9102
Materials Ferro Frit 2244
Materials Ferro Frit 2954
Materials Ferro Frit 1077
Materials Ferro Frit 4103
Materials Ferro Frit 1012
Materials Ferro Frit 5325P
Materials Ferro Frit 4194
Materials Chrysanthos Frit FR002N
Materials Chrysanthos Frit FR003
Materials Chrysanthos Frit FR004
Materials Chrysanthos Frit FR005
Materials Chrysanthos Frit FR006
Materials PotteryCrafts Frit P2963
Materials PotteryCrafts Frit P3124
Materials PotteryCrafts Frit P3134
Materials PotteryCrafts Frit P3195
Materials Potclays Frit 2269
Materials Potclays Frit 2272
Materials Potclays Frit 2273
Materials Potclays Frit 2281
Materials Barium Frits
Materials Boron Frits
Materials Degussa Frit 15098
Materials Ferro Frit 3043
Materials Ferro Frit 3257
Materials Ferro Frit 3300
Materials Ferro Frit 3304
Materials Ferro Frit 3327
Materials Ferro Frit 3377
Materials Ferro Frit 3379
Materials Ferro Frit 3386
Materials Ferro Frit 3396
Materials Ferro Frit 3403
Materials Ferro Frit 3417
Materials Ferro Frit 3419
Materials Ferro Frit 3435
Materials Ferro Frit 3447
Materials Ferro Frit 3453
Materials Ferro Frit 3454
Materials Ferro Frit 3457
Materials Ferro Frit 3458
Materials Ferro Frit 3463
Materials Ferro Frit 3464
Materials Ferro Frit 3465
Materials Ferro Frit 3466
Materials Ferro Frit 3467
Materials Ferro Frit 3470
Materials Ferro Frit 3471
Materials Ferro Frit 3476
Materials Ferro Frit 3480
Materials Ferro Frit 3481
Materials Ferro Frit 3482
Materials Ferro Frit 3485
Materials Ferro Frit 3487
Materials Ferro Frit 3489
Materials Ferro Frit 349
Materials Ferro Frit 3490
Materials Ferro Frit 3493
Materials Ferro Frit 3494
Materials Ferro Frit 3496
Materials Ferro Frit 3497
Materials Ferro Frit 3498
Materials Ferro Frit 3509
Materials Ferro Frit 3516
Materials Ferro Frit 3519
Materials Ferro Frit 3545
Materials Ferro Frit 3548
Materials Ferro Frit 3552
Materials Ferro Frit 3560
Materials Ferro Frit 3563
Materials Ferro Frit 3565
Materials Ferro Frit 3576
Materials Ferro Frit 3600
Materials Ferro Frit 3602
Materials Ferro Frit 3626
Materials Ferro Frit 4064
Materials Ferro Frit 4364
Materials Ferro Frit CC-261
Materials Ferro Frit CC-262
Materials Ferro Frit CM-943
Materials Ferro Frit FB-179-G
Materials Ferro Frit FB-285-D
Materials Ferro Frit R-1
Materials Frit 1843
Materials Frit 268-D
Materials Ceraflux
An alumina lead bisilicate from Hammond Lead Products in Indiana. The data sheet claims it is safe and insoluble in stomach acid.
Materials Frit FNO 143
Materials Frit FR-170A
Materials Frit G-23
Materials Frit G-24
Materials PotteryCrafts Frit P2950
Materials PotteryCrafts Frit P2952
Materials Frit A 1316
Materials Frit Welte FR 2015
Materials Frit Welte FR 2020
Materials Frit Welte FR 2025
Materials Fusion Frit 587
Materials Fusion Frit FL-1
Materials Fusion Frit FL-31
Materials Fusion Frit FZ-647
Materials General Frit GF-14
Materials General Frit GF-15
Materials General Frit GF-18
Materials General Frit GF-20
Materials General Frit GF-25
Materials General Frit GF-27
Materials General Frit GF-42
Materials General Frit GF-9
Materials H19 Frit
Materials Hommel Frit 11
Materials Hommel Frit 13
Materials Hommel Frit 154
Materials Hommel Frit 160
Materials Hommel Frit 18
Materials Hommel Frit 183
Materials Hommel Frit 22
Materials Hommel Frit 24
Materials Hommel Frit 240
Materials Hommel Frit 27
Materials Hommel Frit 2GF176D
Materials Hommel Frit 33
Materials Hommel Frit 344
Materials Hommel Frit 373
Materials Hommel Frit 381
Materials Hommel Frit 419
Materials Hommel Frit 437
Materials Hommel Frit 440
Materials Hommel Frit 441
Materials Hommel Frit 447
Materials Hommel Frit 448
Materials Hommel Frit 450
Materials Hommel Frit 482
Materials Hommel Frit 486
Materials Hommel Frit 493
Materials Hommel Frit 573
Materials Hommel Frit 576
Materials Hommel Frit 584
Materials Hommel Frit 595
Materials Hommel Frit 71
Materials Lead Bisilicate Frit
A standard frit of 1 molar part of PbO and 2 of SiO2. It is considered stable and non-leachable.
Materials Lead Monosilicate Frit
A standard frit of 1 molar part of PbO and 1 of SiO2. It melts lower than a lead bisilicate.
Materials Lead Sesquisilicate Frit
A standard frit of 1 molar part of PbO and 1.5 of SiO2. It melts lower than a lead bisilicate.
Materials Matthey Frit 21065g
Materials Mondre and Manz Frit 1233
Materials Mondre and Manz Frit 4067
Materials P29 Frit
Materials Pemco Frit 3V128
Materials Pemco Frit P-658
Materials Pemco Frit P-83
Materials Pemco Frit Pb-1038
Materials Pemco Frit Pb-1041
Materials Pemco Frit Pb-106
Materials Pemco Frit Pb-1114
Materials Pemco Frit Pb-113
Materials Pemco Frit Pb-1151
Materials Pemco Frit Pb-1241
Materials Pemco Frit Pb-1279
Materials Pemco Frit Pb-1307
Materials Pemco Frit Pb-1325
Materials Pemco Frit Pb-1421
Materials Pemco Frit Pb-1492
Materials Pemco Frit Pb-1951
Materials Pemco Frit Pb-197
Materials Pemco Frit Pb-1B20
Materials Pemco Frit Pb-1K75
Materials Pemco Frit Pb-1M90
Materials Pemco Frit Pb-1N84
Materials Pemco Frit Pb-1N86
Materials Pemco Frit Pb-1R40
Materials Pemco Frit Pb-1R99
Materials Pemco Frit PB-1V48
Materials Pemco Frit Pb-2C52
Materials Pemco Frit Pb-2F35
Materials Pemco Frit Pb-2G30
Materials Pemco Frit Pb-2V93
Materials Pemco Frit Pb-316
Materials Pemco Frit Pb-349
Materials Pemco Frit Pb-41
Materials Pemco Frit Pb-461
Materials Pemco Frit Pb-545
Materials Pemco Frit Pb-589
Materials Pemco Frit Pb-63
Materials Pemco Frit Pb-674
Materials Pemco Frit Pb-700
Materials Pemco Frit Pb-704
Materials Pemco Frit Pb-716
Materials Pemco Frit Pb-723
Materials Pemco Frit Pb-740
Materials Pemco Frit Pb-742
Materials Pemco Frit Pb-801
Materials Pemco Frit Pb-83
Materials Pemco Frit Pb-906
Materials Pemco Frit Pb-943
Materials Potclays Frit 2261
Materials Potclays Frit 2262
Materials Solargil Frit FR1
Materials Solargil Frit FR2
Materials Solargil Frit FR6
Materials Fusion Frit FZ-81
Materials Alkaliborsilikat F 37025
Materials Degussa Frit 90368
Materials Ceradel Frit 3110
Materials Ceradel Frit 3134
Materials Ceradel Frit 3195
Materials Degussa Frit 90001
Materials Degussa Frit 90016
Materials Degussa Frit 90062
Materials Degussa Frit 90142
Materials Degussa Frit 90155
Materials Degussa Frit 90378
Materials Degussa Frit 90352
Materials Degussa Frit 90328
Materials Degussa Frit 90321
Materials Degussa Frit 90242
Materials Degussa Frit 90226
Materials Degussa Frit 90208
Materials Degussa Frit 90205
Materials Degussa Frit 90191
Materials Degussa Frit 90187
Materials Degussa Frit 90176
Materials Degussa Frit 90158
Materials Ferro Frit CM-942
Materials Ferro Frit CC-263-2
Materials Ferro Frit CC-250-2
Materials Ferro Frit CC-272
Materials Ferro Frit CC-274
Materials Ferro Frit CC-279-3 (approx)
Materials Frit FA-233-2 (approx)
Materials Ferro Frit FB-276-P-2 (approx)
Materials Solargil Frit FR11
Materials Crecer Frit 804
Materials Frit A 3021
Materials Frit A 3032
Materials Frit A 3069
Materials Frit A 3158
Materials Frit A 3360
Materials Frit A 3382
Materials Frit A 4015
Materials Frit A 4040
Materials Frit A 4043
Materials Frit A 8962
Materials Frit VO 6134
Materials Frit VO 6170
Materials Frit VO 6205
Materials Frit VO 6259
Materials Frit VO 6270
Materials Frit A 2912
Materials Frit A 3334
Materials Frit A 62
Materials Frit A 3363
Materials Frit A 3364
Materials Frit A 3367
Materials Frit A 3368
Materials Frit A 3323
Materials Frit VO 6079
Materials Frit VO 6200
Materials Frit VO 6257
Materials Frit VO 6255
Materials Frit A 1561
Materials Frit A 3128
Materials Frit A 3129
Materials Frit A 3383
Materials Frit A 4018
Materials Frit VO 6086
Materials Frit VO 6104
Materials Frit VO 6147
Materials Frit VO 6160
Materials Frit VO 6253
Materials Frit A 2010
Materials Ferro Frit CE VTR 29
Materials Ferro Frit DA4193
Materials Podmore Frit P2250
Materials Ferro Frit 3271
Materials Ferro Richoux Frit 21 C001
Materials Ferro Richoux Frit 21 C002
Materials Ferro Richoux Frit 21 C003
Materials Ferro Richoux Frit 21 C004
Materials Ferro Richoux Frit 21 C005
Materials Ferro Richoux Frit 21 C006
Materials Ferro Richoux Frit 21 C007
Materials M136
Materials V15098
Materials PotteryCrafts Frit P2959
Materials PotteryCrafts Frit P2951
Materials Fritte M74
Materials Esmalglass Frit FT 8547
Materials Esmalglass Frit FT 821/6
Materials Pemco Frit PC-4X63
Materials Frit Fsb697
Materials Frit Fsb510/866
Materials Frit Fsb656
Materials Frit Fsb571
Materials Frit Fsb518/F40
Materials Frit Fsb508
Materials Frit Fsb757 094
Materials Fusion Frit F-561
Materials Fusion Frit F-5
Materials Fusion Frit F-498
Materials Fusion Frit F-563
Materials Ferro Frit KGF4131
Materials Ferro Frit KGF4106
Materials Keramikos Fritte 32.21
Materials Keramikos Fritte 10.01
Materials Keramikos Fritte 10.05
Materials Keramikos Fritte 14.51
Materials Keramikos Fritte 15.10
Materials Keramikos Fritte 32.22
Materials Keramikos Bariumzink Fritte
Materials Keramikos Aardalkaliboor Fritte
Materials Keramikos Fritte 15.11
Materials Keramikos Fritte 31.10
Materials Keramikos Fritte M1
Materials Keramikos Fritte V15098
Materials Esmalglass Frit FO-961/P
Materials Esmalglass Frit FO 963
Materials Esmalglass Frit FT2803
Materials Esmalglass Frit FM 1403/G
Materials Esmalglass Frit FO 940/1
Materials Esmalglass Frit FM 86
Materials Torrecid Frit 31056
Materials Torrecid Frit MBK00007
Materials Torrecid Frit MBK00020
Materials Colorobbia Frit 250
Materials Colorobbia Frit 335
Materials Esmalte Frit PR-1000
Materials Fusion Frit F-581
A highly quality source of SrO for ceramic glazes than raw strontium carbonate powder. It is 39% SrO.
Materials Moulin Fritte M1511
Materials Moulin Fritte M44
Materials Moulin Fritte M1233
Materials Moulin Fritte M759
Materials Moulin Fritte M864
Materials Moulin Fritte M95
Materials Moulin Fritte M85
Materials Moulin Fritte M9152
Materials Mondre and Manz Frit M9358
Materials Frit M-130
Materials Mondre and Manz Frit V15098
Materials Fusion Frit FZ-915
Materials Glasurfritten 33.17
Materials Glasurfritten 35.2
Materials Glasurfritten 34.41
Materials Glasurfritten 35.055
Materials Glasurfritten 35.32
Materials Glasurfritten 37.024
Materials Glasurfritten 37.025
Materials Glasurfritten 37.031
Materials Glasurfritten 37.06
Materials Glasurfritten M1233
Materials Moulin Fritte M3
Materials Moulin Fritte M2
Materials Moulin Fritte M1
Materials Moulin Fritte M74
Materials Fusion Frit F621/19
Materials Fusion Frit F-708
Materials General Frit GF-30
Materials General Frit GF-43
Materials General Frit GF-46
Materials General Frit GF-37
Glossary Frit
Frits are used in ceramic glazes for a wide range of reasons. They are man-made glass powders of controlled chemistry with many advantages over raw materials.
Glossary Boron Frit
Most ceramic glazes contain B2O3 as the main melter. This oxide is supplied by great variety of frits, thousands of which are available around the world.

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