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Ferro Frit CE VTR 29

Alternate Names: Frit VTR 29, Frit VTR29

Oxide Analysis Formula
PbO 65.00% 1.00
SiO2 35.00% 2.00
Oxide Weight 343.38
Formula Weight 343.38


Their web page does not give the chemistry, but does indicate the presence of Al2O3 and KNaO. We assume these are in small amounts since they call this a lead bisilicate.

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Materials Frit
Materials Ferro Frit 3498
Materials Frit
Materials Lead Bisilicate Frit
Materials Ferro Frit 4064
Typecodes Leaded Frit
Frits can contain 1% or 80% PbO so this category can be misleading, check the chemistry to find out.
Typecodes Frit


Frit Melting Range (C)980-1020C

By Tony Hansen

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