A list of ceramic suppliers in North America (any company not having a website will not be found here). Click on each to get more detailed info.

Aardvark Clay & Supplies, , Santa Ana,
Alligator Clay Company/Southern Pottery, , Baton Rouge,
Alpha Fired Arts, , Sacramento,
AMACO, , Indianapolis,, , ,
American Ceramic Supply Co., , Forth Worth,
Amherst Potters Supply., , Hadley,
Archie Bray Foundation for Ceramic Arts, , Helena,
Armadillo Clay and Supplies, , Austin,
Axner Co/Laguna Clay Company, , Oviedo,
Bailey Ceramic Supply, , Kingston,
Big Ceramic Store, , Sparks,
Brackers Good Earth Clays, Inc., , Lawrence,
Brickyard Ceramics & Crafts, , Indianapolis,
Campbells Ceramic Supply, , Richmond,
Capital Ceramics, , American Fork,
Capitol Clay Arts Company, , South Charleston,
Carolina Clay Connection, , Charlotte,
Ceramic Store Inc., , Houston,
Ceramic Supplies Now, , Sacramento,
Ceramic Supply Chicago, , Elk Grove Village,
Ceramic Supply Inc. Chicago, , Lodi,
Ceramic Supply Pittsburgh, , Carnegie,
Ceramics Canada, , Rockyview ,
Chesapeake Ceramics, , Baltimore,
Clay Art Center, Inc., , Tacoma,
Clay People, , Richmond,
Clay Planet, , Santa Clara,, , Spartanburg,
ClayMakers, , Durham,
Clayscapes Pottery, Inc, , Syracuse,
Clayworks Supplies, Inc., , Baltimore,
Columbus Clay Company, , Columbus,
Continental Clay, , Minneapolis,
Crane Yard Clay, , Kansas City,
Creative Ceramics and Glass, , Santa Rosa,
Dakota Potters Supply, , Sioux Falls,
Davens Ceramic Center, , Atlanta,
Dogwood Ceramic Supply, , Gulport,
Evans Ceramic Supply, , Wichita,
Florida Clay Art Co., , Sanford,
Free Form Clay and Supply, , National City,
Georgies Ceramic & Clay Co., , Portland,
Great Lakes Clay & Supply, , Elgin,
Greenbarn Pottery Supply LTD., , Surrey,
Kentucky Mudworks, , Lexington,
Krueger Pottery Supply, , Saint Louis,
L&R Specialties, , Nixa,
Laguna Clay Company, , City of Industry,
Laguna Ohio, , Byesville,
Lakeview Pottery, , Regina,
Leslie Ceramic Supply, , Richmond,
Marjon Ceramics Inc. Phoenix, , PHOENIX,
Marjon Ceramics Inc. Tucson, , TUCSON,
Miami Ceramics and Clay Supplies, , Hialeah,
Mid South Ceramic Supply Co., , Nashville,
Minnesota Clay Company, , Plymouth,
New Mexico Clay, , Albuquerque,
Northeast Ceramic Supply, Inc., , Troy,
Ohio Ceramic Supply, Inc., , Kent,
Plainsman Clays Ltd., , Medicine Hat,
Plainsman Pottery Supply, , Edmonton,
Portland Pottery Supply MA, , Braintree,
Portland Pottery Supply ME, , Portland,
Rovin Ceramics, , Ann Arbor,
Runyan Pottery Supply, , Clio,
Rusty Kiln, , North Windham,
Santa Fe Clay, , Santa Fe,
Seattle Pottery Supply, , Seattle,
Sheffield Pottery, Inc., , Sheffield,
SIAL, , Laval,
Southern Oregon Clay Distributors, , Talent,
Studio Sales Pottery, , Avon,
T&T Tree Pottery Supply LTD, , Saskatoon,
Texas Pottery Supply & Clay Co., , Haltom City,
The Ceramic Shop, , Norristown ,
The Clay Connection, , Spokane,
The Kiln Doctor Inc, , Front Royal,
The Potter's Center, , Boise,
The Potters Shop, , Waukesha,
The Pottery Supply House, , Oakville,
The Sounding Stone, , Winnipeg,
Tucker's Pottery Supplies, Inc., , Richmond Hill,
Vancouver Island Pottery Suppies, , Parksville,


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