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Fusion Frit F-524

Alternate Names: Fusion Frit F524

Oxide Analysis Formula
K2O 2.60% 0.10
Na2O 2.10% 0.12
CaO 7.30% 0.47
BaO 2.00% 0.05
SrO 7.60% 0.26
Al2O3 9.50% 0.34
B2O3 12.00% 0.62
SiO2 56.90% 3.41
Oxide Weight 359.71
Formula Weight 359.71


Low fire base glaze, add 10% kaolin, adjust with other frits. Has high surface tension.

Add Frit FZ-24 to increase thermal expansion to deal with shivering, add frit F-15 (more color forgiving) or Frit F-69 to reduce thermal expansion to deal with crazing.

This is an approximate analysis provided Aug 2013 (the BaO is accurate).
This frit is used in the excellent MK3330 cone 6 crystal clear dinnerware glaze.

Related Information

High and low surface tension Frits

Fired at 1850F. Frit F-524 has run off the tester since 1850F. Frit 3602 is lead bisilicate.


Materials Fusion Frit FZ-24
Materials Pemco Frit P-609
Materials Fusion Frit F-69
Materials Fusion Frit F-15
Recipes G2916F - Cone 6 Stoneware/Whiteware Glossy Base Glaze
Crystal clear industrial dinnerware glaze
Typecodes Frit
URLs http://www.fusionceramics.com/ceramic-frits.cfm
Fusion Ceramics Frit Chart
Suppliers Fusion Ceramics Inc


Co-efficient of Linear Expansion5.17 x 10-6
Frit Softening Point1800F

By Tony Hansen

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