Milestone Temperatures in Ceramics

50-250C (122-482F) - Hygroscopic water removed in clay bodies
80-250C (176-482F) - Calcium Sulphate decomposition
120C (248F) - Borax
150C (302F) - Epsom salts decompose to lose water
180C (356F) - Boric Acid expels water
185C (365F) - Copper hydroxide decomposes to CuO
200-450C (392-842F) - Alumina Hydrate Decomposition
200-1000C (392-1832F) - Decarbonation
200C (392F) - Manganese Carbonate decomposes to MnO
210-280C (410-536F) - Cristobalite inversion (alpha/beta)
250-370C (482-698F) - Organic burnout
260C (500F) - Bismuth Subnitrate decomposes
290C (554F) - Copper Carbonate decomposes to CuO
300-330C (572-626F) - Copper carbonate basic decomposes
300C (572F) - Boron from Boric Acid melts
370C (698F) - Sodium Carbonate Dehydrates
370-950C (698-1742F) - Carbon / Iron oxidation
400-600C (752-1112F) - Dehydroxylation in clays
400C (752F) - Colemanite reacts to water loss
425-650C (797-1202F) - Sulfur evolution
500-600C (932-1112F) - Magnesite decomposition
512C (953F) - Hydrated lime decomposes (25% H2O)
535C (995F) - Manganese dioxide decomposes to MnO
540-600C (1004-1112F) - Quartz inversion (alpha-beta)
650-900C (1202-1652F) - Dolomite decomposition
750-1000C (1382-1832F) - Calcium carbonate decomposition
750-850C (1382-1562F) - Amorphous cargon burns from Texas Talc
760C (1400F) - Gerstley Borate stops gassing
760C (1400F) - Common frits begin melting
787C (1448F) - Comparison of frit melts at 1450F
800-1100C (1472-2012F) - Strontium carbonate decomposition
815C (1499F) - Calcium carbonate, talc finished gassing
815C (1499F) - Comparison of frit melts at 1500F
843C (1549F) - Comparison of frit melts at 1550F
850C (1562F) - Sintering and densification
850C (1562F) - Sodium Carbonate decomposes
850-950C (1562-1742F) - Zinc oxide boils and volatilizes
870-900C (1598-1652F) - Gerstley Borate Melts Suddenly
871C (1599F) - Comparison of frit melts at 1600F
900C (1652F) - Co3O4 decomposes
900-1000C (1652-1832F) - Talc crystalline water vaporizes
900C (1652F) - Talc has finished gassing
926C (1698F) - Comparison of frit melts at 1700F
932C (1709F) - Manganese compounds may begin to fume
954C (1749F) - Comparison of frit melts at 1750F
980C (1796F) - Densification
982C (1799F) - Comparison of frit melts at 1800F
990C (1814F) - Chrome oxide decomposes
1025C (1877F) - Decomposition of Barium Carbonate
1025-1325C (1877-2417F) - Copper Oxide breakdown
1050C (1922F) - Copper carbonate basic breakdown
1050C (1922F) - Metakaolin converts to mullite
1065-1120C (1949-2048F) - Body decomposition causes glaze bubbles
1082C (1979F) - Spodumene converts to beta phase
1100C (2012F) - Antimony volatilizes
1100C (2012F) - Mullite converts to cristobalite
1100C (2012F) - Strontium carbonate melts
1300C (2372F) - Li2O Decomposes
1325C (2417F) - Copper oxide melts
1330C (2426F) - Fluorspar melts
1360C (2480F) - Barium carbonate melts
1418-1428C (2584-2602F) - Spodumene melts
1420C (2588F) - Talc melts
1510C (2750F) - Kyanite decomposes to Mullite and Silica
1550C (2822F) - Zircon melts, slowly dissolves
1565C (2849F) - Iron oxide red decomposes
1650C (3002F) - Comparison of frit melts at 1650F (900C)
1785C (3245F) - Manganese oxide melts
1990C (3614F) - Chrome oxide melts
2300C (4172F) - Praseodymium oxide decomposes
2320C (4208F) - Neodymium oxide melts

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