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Fusion Frit F644

Alternate Names: Fusion Frit F-644

Oxide Analysis Formula
Na2O 29.43% 1.00
Al2O3 5.94% 0.12
SiO2 64.63% 2.27
Oxide Weight 210.67
Formula Weight 210.67


Used in crystalline glazes. Very high thermal expansion.

This material is highlighted in the video: A Broken Glaze Meets Insight-Live and a Magic Material (link is provided on this page).
This frit has an incredibly high Na2O content coupled with very low Al2O3, that makes it potentially very useful in fixing glazes lacking sufficient clay content to suspend and harden them (substituting this enables lowering the feldspar and introducing clay to supply the lost Al2O3, for example). Ferro Frit 3110, commonly used in crystal glazes for its high KNaO, only has half as much as this! And for many applications Frit 3110 has unwanted B2O3.

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By Tony Hansen

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