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Pemco Frit P-626

Alternate Names: Frit 626, Frit P626

Oxide Analysis Formula
BaO 27.40% 0.66
Na2O 5.60% 0.34
B2O3 12.40% 0.66
Al2O3 5.40% 0.20
SiO2 49.20% 3.04
Oxide Weight 371.67
Formula Weight 371.67


Add 10% clay for cone 06-02 glaze.
This is a high barium frit (and thus can have issues with leaching in glazes if not used properly). If you got a recipe on line for a functional glaze and it contains a significant percentage of this, and the source does not mention the barium content, then contact them and complain. Substitutes include Fusion F-65) but they require industrial-sized orders and ceramic suppliers do not resell it. But sells Ferro Frit 3289, it is the same chemistry. Another options is to calculate how to source the BaO from other sources (e.g. barium carbonate), keeping the overall chemistry of the glaze the same (using your account at

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My head was in the clouds and I appreciate the grounding!

She was searching for a a matte, mottled white, rustic. For functional surfaces. And it contained this frit. The source from which she got it did not mention the barium content. Barium is certainly not a requirement to achieve a matte surface at cone 6, there of lots of ways to do it. And there are multiple matte mechanisms that can be exploited.


Materials Ferro Frit 3289
Materials Hommel Frit 400
Materials Frit
Materials Frit
Materials Ferro Frit FB-284-M
Materials Fusion Frit F-65
Materials General Frit GF-129
Typecodes Frit
Hazards Barium Carbonate


Co-efficient of Linear Expansion7.2 x 10-6 (50-450C)
Frit Melting Range (C)1460-1570F

By Tony Hansen

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