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GA6-B - Alberta Slip Base Glaze 2

Modified: 2019-04-09 12:05:25

An amber-colored glaze that produces a clean, micro-bubble-free transparent glass. Works well on brown and red burning stonewares.

Material Amount
Alberta Slip 1000F Roasted40.00
Alberta Slip40.00
Ferro Frit 319520.00


An alternative recipe to GA6-A (uses Ferro Frit 3195 instead of 3134). It fires to a more brilliant glossy surface.

This fires to a lower thermal expansion (by virtue of higher B2O3, Al2O3 and SiO2 levels) so will solve crazing issues on most bodies on which the GA6-A version crazes.

The chemistry in this is not compatible with the rutile blue version.

Related Information

Same glaze/body. One fired flawless, the other dimpled, pinholes. Why?

The difference is a slow-cool firing. Both mugs are Plainsman M340 and have a black engobe inside and partway down on the outside. Both were dip-glazed with the GA6-B amber transparent and fired to cone 6. The one on the right was fired using the PLC6DS drop-and-hold schedule. That eliminated any blisters, but some pinholes remained. The one on the left was fired using the C6DHSC slow-cool schedule. That differs in one way: It cools at 150F/hr from 2100F to 1400F (as opposed to a free-fall). It is amazing how much this improves the brilliance and surface quality (not fully indicated by this photo, the mug on the left is much better).

GA6-B Alberta Slip base on a black

Glaze is GA6-B Alberta Slip rutile blue base. Fired at cone 6. "Mother Nature's porcelain" has 6% Mason 6600 black stain. This glaze is an amber transparent and on the black porcelain produces a blacker deeper color than a typical transparent.

Black engobed M340 stoneware with GA6-B Alberta Slip glaze

Hand built. Cone 6 drop-and-hold PLC6DS firing. The engobe is the L3954B base recipe with added Mason 6600 black stain, it was applied at the leather hard stage inside and part way down the outside. The GA6-B glaze enhances the black under it. By Tony Hansen.

Buff M340 stoneware mug with natural slip glazes

Inside is GR6-A (Ravenscrag Slip with 20% Ferro Frit 3134). Outside GA6-B (Alberta Slip with 20% Ferro Frit 3195). Cone 6 drop-and-hold PLC6DS firing schedule. By Tony Hansen.


Recipes GA6-A - Alberta Slip Cone 6 Amber Base Glaze
An amber-colored glaze that produces a clean, micro bubble free transparent glass on brown and red burning stonewares.
Recipes L3500E - Alberta Slip Cone 6 Amber Base 3 - Low Expansion
An amber-colored glaze that produces a clean, micro-bubble-free transparent glass for use when GA6-B crazes.

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By Tony Hansen

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