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G2926J - G2926B Reduced COE (Li2O)

Modified: 2021-06-02 13:55:51

A very low thermal expansion version of the G2926B base recipe. Use this if the B versions crazes on your clay body.

Material Amount
Fusion Frit F-52415.00
Ferro Frit 313415.00
Silverline Talc3.00


Remember, the first thing to try to reduce the thermal expansion of G2926B is using 325 mesh silica (or ball milling the slurry). That alone will assure that all silica in the recipe actually goes into the melt, that means that the physical thermal expansion will be as low as the calculated one suggests it should be. If that is not enough, then try this recipe. Use 325 silica in this one also to get the lowest possible expansion.

This is the best of a series of tests to lower the thermal expansion of G2926B. Separate trials of substituting ZnO, SrO, Li2O for KNaO were tried (in each the brilliant surface was being marred by an orange peel like surface). This version is a hybrid, diversifying fluxes by adding Li2O and SrO. It sources SrO from Frit 524 and Li2O from Spodumene.

The calculated expansion is dramatically lower, 5.6 vs. 6.4. This should thus be much more resistant to crazing. Of course, there is an issue: Spodumene introduces bubbles into the slurry in the bucket (washing it before use could solve this). Color response might also be different.

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