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CELECG - Celestite Crystalline Glaze

Modified: 2022-10-13 21:48:49

Cone 9-10 - Spodumene, talc variant

Material Amount
Ferro Frit 311050.00
Zinc Oxide25.00
Titanium Dioxide1.00


From Crystal Glazes Book 2 by Fara Shimbo, page 63.

Maturing Cone: 9-10
Crystal number: Plenty! Can rapidly fill a tile.
Rate Of Growth: 1-1.5 cm diameter per hour, tiles or vessels.
Crystal Color: Pale aquamarine, reminiscent of Michigan Celestite crystals.
Crystal Shape: Cigar-shaped normally; not much variation with temperature.
Ground Color: Colorless transparent on both tiles and vessels.
Crazing: Minimal on vessels; more on tiles.
Color Response: Works well with all colors. Brings out red in manganese; copper comes out a true cyan. Iron and Vanadium often pale.
Seeding properties: Okay.

More information in Crystal Glazes book 1 page 138 and book 2 on page 63. Much more background information in other sections of the books.

Related Information

Celestite crystal glaze

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Freshly made Celestite Base applied to Jiki porcelain and fired to Δ10. Soaked for one hour beginning at 300° C F below peak, rising to 200° below peak, then falling over two further hours to 300° below peak.

Celestite crystal glaze

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Freshly made Celestite base with 4% copper carbonate added. Crystals are often more blue than the ground. Fired to Δ10.


Firing Schedules Shimbo Crystal Celestite Schedule
Five-step schedule by Fara Shimbo
Typecodes Crystalline Glaze Recipes Fara Shimbo
These are from Fara's Crystal Glazes books 1 and 2. Most are the frit 3110, zinc, silica base recipe (50:25:25) with small material additions at the expense of silica.
Recipes GBCG - Generic Base Crystalline Glaze
Cone 6-10 - Almost all other Frit 3110 recipes are based on additions to this


Glaze ColorWhen Celestite crystalline glaze is used immediately, crystals are often a pale aquamarine even when no actual colorant is added. Copper in small amounts is influenced toward turquoise or cyan.

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