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Beer Bottle Master Mold Project

I started this in the spring of 2020. I want to create a ceramic beer bottle to commemorate those made by the Medalta Potteries here in the early part of the 20th century. This is challenging because of the need to fit the swing top stoppers. And because the model and molds are too big for me to print in one piece. But I will overcome these obstacles one at a time and report here.

I have been developing several medium temperature bodies lately, the M340 casting seems to be the most promising. It casts quickly and fires very strong with my glazes. With the inner transparent glaze it will produce a surface that appears stable and non-leaching.

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This drawing of a beer bottle shows how far parametric can go

This is Fusion 360. The profile was drawn and various measurements parameterized. That means the measurements were given names (e.g. body_diameter, thickness). This makes it it possible to change many aspects of the geometry of this shape by just editing the parameter numbers.

Getting measurement right for the swing top stopper

I measured the gap on all of the ones I have and got an average to work from. Then I 3D printed several iterations of the neck to try. This produced a perfect fit.

First cast beer bottle

I 3D printed a one-time-use block mold, just good enough to cast plaster working pieces to friction-fit in place. That enable pouring and firing a piece to assess the size to begin work on version 2. The outside glaze is GA6-B, is is working wonderfully.


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