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Medalta Ball Pitcher Slip Casting Mold via 3D Printing

Can we make a rubber block mold by 3D printing a PLA case mold? This project will follow our progress. For information on the general track we will take check the beer bottle and mug mold project (linked below) - when we confirm that handle is casting well we will continue here.

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Medalta Ball Pitcher

Here is an example of one that was for sale on Ebay. The inset bottom will be a challenge, for version 1 we will likely settle for a flat bottom.

Initial mockup for 1940s Medalta Potteries ball pitcher

Medalta ball pitcher 3D drawing

No molds have survived so we are going to start from scratch, making the smallest of the sizes first. We will use Fusion 360 and 3D prints in PLA to create a block mold to make a rubber case mold. Drawing this correctly should reward me with some new 3D drawing skills. The geometry of the lip will be challenging. Likely the piece will need to be cast with a flat top (filling and draining done through the pour hole). I will likely have to create a 3D-printed PLA template as a cutting guide to get the contour of the lip right.

Determining the basic geometry of the ball pitcher

From a side-shot, I was able to boil it down to this basic shape and size. It seems clear that the mold needs to be made to cast it upright (for easiest drain).


Medalta in the historic clay district site
Medalta, Hycroft and Sunburst Pottery Catalogs from the early and middle 1900s
Medalta Collections Database at PastPerfect - Search for the word "drawing" to see the mechanical drawings for hundreds of pieces
Projects Beer Bottle Master Mold via 3D Printing
A project that took several years of failures and blind allies and is finally coming together - so much simpler than expected!
Projects Coffee Mug Slip Casting Mold via 3D Printing
A potter can now use AI, 3D CAD, 3D printing and custom clay bodies to slip-cast beautiful quality stoneware pottery mugs. It is efficient and practical.
Glossary Slip Casting
A method of forming ceramics. A deflocculated (low water content) slurry is poured into absorbent plaster molds. As it sits in the mold, usually 10+ minutes, a layer builds against the mold walls. When thick enough the mold is drained.
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