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Medalta Jug Master Mold Development

I started this in the summer of 2020. I want to create a classic jug to commemorate those made by the Medalta Potteries here in the early part of the 20th century. I will use a casting process. This time, the mould halves will not have notches, I will line them up simply by matching the outer edges. Because the mold halves will be identical, I will only need to 3D print one block mold (actually I will have it printed by a service provider). For this model we have been able to parameterize even more.

Related Information

Initial model drawing for a stoneware jug

I found this picture online of one of the original jug styles they made. We are not including handle yet. We are learning (my Upwork worker Oleksii and I) about how to make these models more parameterized. This one has more than a dozen settings that I can change and the drawing adjusts automatically.

By Tony Hansen

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