BQ1000 - Plainsman Electric Bisque Firing Schedule
C04PLTP - Plainsman Typical Cone 04
C10RPL - Plainsman Cone 10R Firing
C6DHSC - Plainsman Cone 6 Slow Cool (Reactive glazes)
C6MSGL1 - Mastering Glazes Cone 6
C6PLST - Plainsman Cone 6 Electric Standard
FSCG1 - Shimbo Crystal Schedule 1
FSCGB1 - Bory 1 Fara Shimbo Crystalline Glaze

FSCGWM - Wollast-O-Matte Fara Shimbo Crystalline Glaze
FSCRGL - GC106 Base for Crystalline Glazes
FSHP1 - Shimbo Crystal Holding Pattern 1
FSHP2 - Shimbo Crystal Holding Pattern 2
FSHP3 - Shimbo Crystal Holding Pattern 3
FSNM5 - Fa's Number Five
PLC6CR - Cone 6 Crystal Glaze Plainsman
PLC6DS - Cone 6 Drop-and-Soak Firing Schedule
PLLFDS - Low Fire Drop-and-Hold

FSCGCL Firing Schedule


Step °C °F Hold Time
1 100°C/hr to 250C  180°F/hr to 482F  0 2:32  
2 250°C/hr to 350C  450°F/hr to 662F  0 2:56  
3 500°C/hr to 1265C  900°F/hr to 2309F  0 4:46  
4 9999°C/hr to 1130C  17998°F/hr to 2066F  10min 4:56  
5 35°C/hr to 1050C  63°F/hr to 1922F  10min 7:24  
Start temperature assumed: 25°C or 75°F

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By Tony Hansen

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