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List of 12 Ceramic Laboratory by Digitalfire

  • Alfred Analytical Laboratory (no website)
    Phone: 607-478-8074
    Location: Alfred Station, NY, USA
    Will do leach testing for extractable metals in fired glazes. Contact Dr. Roland Hale, Director, Alfred Analytical Laboratory, 4964 Kenyon Road, Alfred Station, NY 14803
  • ALS USA Inc.
    Location: Reno, NV, USA
    A full-service provider of analytical geochemistry services for the global mining industry. Their home page will direct you to the office in your country.
  • Brandywine Science Center, Inc.
    Phone: 610-444-9850
    Location: Kennett Square, PA, USA
    They will do leach testing for extractable metals in fired glazes. The url here explains how to prepare your fired glaze sample. The home page at their site has the address to which to send the package.
    Location: Stoke-on-Trent, UK
    Phone: +44 (0) 1782 764355/764356
    CERAM offers an independent testing service for all materials based industries including ceramics, glass, metals and raw materials.
  • Composite Technology Development, Inc.
    CTD utilizes an array of state-of-the-art equipment and facilities for materials testing and evaluation. We have experience testing metallic, polymer, composite, and ceramic materials and are capable of evaluating the mechanical, physical, thermal, and electrical properties of materials at temperatures from –270°C (4K) to over 200°C (500 K).
  • Lambda Research
    A broad array of x-ray diffraction and fluorescence testing capabilities are maintained for materials applications primarily in the areas of qualitative and quantitative phase analysis and texture determination. A full machine shop with modern CNC tooling supports the surface integrity studies of manufacturing methods.
  • Loring Laboratories Ltd.
    Phone: (403) 274-2777
    Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
    A general testing lab, they can do mineralogical and chemical analysis. Price is around $100 per sample.
  • Lucideon
    Phone: 518-382-0082
    The M&P Lab is a full-service materials testing laboratory, offering our clients a full range of analytical and consulting services such as acceptance testing, quality control, service evaluation, failure analysis and product development. We analyze materials such as metals, composites, organics and polymers for composition, structure and properties.
  • CanTest Ltd.
    Phone: (604) 734- 7276
    Location: Offices across Canada
    They can do a very detailed Glazed Ceramics and Glassware leachate test.
  • Norwest Labs
    Phone: 800-661-7645
    Location: Alberta, Canada
    Locations in Western Canada, Thailand, Bangladesh and Turkey. They can do chemical analysis on clays and rock at about $120 Canadian per sample. They can handle boron. The test is called WRA1 (Whole Rock Analaysis 1).
  • NSL Analytical Services, Inc.
    An independent Commercial Testing Laboratory in business since 1945, NSL is a leader in the chemical analysis of all types of materials. Whether the product is metallic or non-metallic, powdered, solid, or liquid, NSL can perform most chemical analyses, from less than 1-ppm to 99.999% using ICP, ICPMS, ICP-MS, DCAR-C, Wet Chemistry and Spectrographic Analysis.
  • SGS Canada inc.
    Location: Lakefield, Ontario, Canada
    Established in Canada since 1948. Provide auditing, monitoring, inspection, sampling and laboratory testing for raw materials, bulk, containerized and finished products.

•The secret to cool bodies and glazes is a lot of testing.
•The secret to know what to test is material and chemistry knowledge.
•The secret to learning from testing is documentation.
•The place to test, do the chemistry and document is an account at
•The place to get the knowledge is

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