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Gillespie Borate

Alternate Names: Gilespie Borate

Oxide Analysis Formula
SiO2 11.80% 0.34
B2O3 24.50% 0.62
Al2O3 1.70% 0.03
SrO 0.45% 0.01
Na2O 3.77% 0.11
MgO 3.90% 0.17
CaO 23.00% 0.72
Oxide Weight 120.86
Formula Weight 174.90

Related Information

At 1550F Gerstley Borate suddenly shrinks! The melt fluidity ball tells us.

These GBMF test balls were fired at 1550F and were the same size to start. The Gerstley Borate has suddenly shrunk dramatically in the last 40 degrees (and will melt down flat within the next 50). The talc is still refractory, the Ferro Frit 3124 slowly softens across a wide temperature range. The frit and Gerstley Borate are always fluxes, the talc is a flux under certain circumstances.


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Quick Facts
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Typecodes Gerstley Borate Substitutes
Be careful, many of these materials are approximate substitutes (e.g. they have similar chemistry but much different physical properties). There is no exact substitute.
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