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Learn glaze chemistry & INSIGHT at the same time!


What is INSIGHT?

Why is INSIGHT the best?

Access the same data from all your computers

Desktop INSIGHT: Software for ceramic glaze chemistry calculations

Download and install on Windows, Linux and Macintosh

There is a direct relationship between the way ceramic glazes fire and their chemistry. Insight is a calculation tool anyone can use to learn and harness the power of ceramic chemistry.

  • Fix problems like crazing, blistering, pinholing, settling, gelling, clouding, leaching, crawling, marking, scratching, powdering.
  • Substitute frits or incorporate better, cheaper materials, replace no-longer-available ones (all while maintaining the same chemistry).
  • Adjust melting temperature, gloss, surface character, color.
  • Identify weaknesses in glazes to avoid problems.
  • Create and optimize base glazes to work with difficult colors or stains and for special effects dependent on opacification, crystallization or variegation.
  • Create glazes from scratch and use your own native materials in the highest possible percentage.

Without ceramic chemistry you'll never really have control and you could be a slave to your suppliers or the trafficing in recipes that never work.

Insight is powered by SQLite, the best cross platform database.

Download: Windows (2014-7), OSX (2014-7), Linux (2014-7)

Conquer the Glaze Dragon With INSIGHT Ceramic Chemistry Software

An Insight-Live account is included free

An online account. Document recipes, materials, testing, firing schedules. Much more!

Just visit! Nothing to download or install

Revolutionary! The future! This does the chemistry and the physics.
Only 3-8 cents a day.

  • You get premier access if you have a current desktop INSIGHT Level 2 or Site License key.
  • Login to a private account or work with others in a group account (e.g. university).
  • Nothing to install (access it using your web browser). It is always the latest version.
  • Import existing material, recipe data (GlazeMaster, Matrix, HyperGlaze, GlazeChem, INSIGHT, Excel).
  • Export everything to an SQLite database file so you can open it with desktop Insight.
  • As many side-by-side recipes and/or materials as you want (chemistry is shown for all).
  • Many ways to search and classify glaze and body recipes.
  • Glaze and body recipes are robust, with units-of-measure, pictures with individual titles and descriptions, material links.
  • Add variations to a recipe; each with its own pictures, descriptions and name/code-number extensions.
  • Recipes can link to materials, typecodes, projects, firing schedules and physical test result data (all managed in their own areas).
  • Standard reports and mix ticket reports with last-minute-totalling; variations report as if they are a complete recipe.
  • Video tutorials, help system, contact form on every page, dedicated messaging and support ticket systems.
  • It is an industrial-strength database system (unlimited capacity, fast, reliable, scalable).
  • Insight-live site is designed to run on any web browser on any device. Data is columnized so it is zoomable on small screens.

From your Tablet!

It works on any browser-equipped tablet or smart-phone (like iPad, iPhone, Android).

And it is available for a low monthly rate.

The Digitalfire Reference Database, the Power Behind INSIGHT

Digitalfire's Reference Database is a materials-centric knowledgebase of 4,000 pages and 11,000 interlinks with everything you need to know to formulate, adjust and troubleshoot traditional ceramic bodies and glazes (and there is no advertising on the pages!) It is the online focus for all of our ceramic technology information gathering initiatives. Its knowledge spectrum for adjusting, formulating and troubleshooting glazes and bodies is organized as: Oxides, minerals, materials, recipes, articles, glossary, hazards, library, MDTs for INSIGHT, pictures, properties, firing schedules, significant temperatures, tests and troubleshooting. Records in these areas are interrelated by 10,000+ links. The website talks to Level 2 INSIGHT and Insight-Live. Insight Level 2+ owners get extended access privileges.

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Are people thinking about glaze toxicity?

  • I've just received an email from a customer about one of the mugs she bought from me. She said there was a metallic taste and stopped using the mug. Okay, so is this possible, that there would be some kind of leaching from the glaze that would cause a metallic taste?
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