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Cimcoat 325 Talc

Oxide Analysis Formula
CaO 0.81% 0.02
MgO 30.46% 0.98
Al2O3 0.51% 0.01
SiO2 60.91% 1.32
Fe2O3 1.02% 0.01
Oxide Weight 121.66
Formula Weight 129.84


Cimcoat is an off white yellowstone talc product available in 200 and 325 mesh sizes. Applications include use as a prilling and detackifying agent for ammnonium nitrate fertilizer, seeds and copper sulfate granules. It can be used as a carrier for insecticides, herbicides and time release fertilizers. It is also used in traffic paint, color insenstitive primers and applications where viscosity build and anti-settling properties are needed at an affordable price.

Physical Properties:

TAPPI Brightness GEB (LASTM-14) 67-75
Hegman Fineness (LASTM-17) 3.0
Oil Absorption, SRO (LASTM-18) 3.0
Specific Gravity (LASTM-06) 2.8
Surface Area, m2/gm (BET-N2) 6.6
pH, 10% slurry (LASTM-05) 9.5
Tapped Density, lbs/ft3 (LASTM-13) 54
Loose Density, lbs/ft3 (LASTM-12) 21
Bulking Value, lbs/gal 23.3
Average Moisture (LASTM-04) .5%
Median Diameter, microns (LASTM-02) 6.2

Talc 93.5
Dolomite 3.5
Quartz 1.5
Calcite .5
Chlorite 1.0

*LASTM - Luzenac America Standard Test Method

Luzenac America, Inc, 9000 East Nichols Ave, Englewood, CO 80112.

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Materials that source Na2O, K2O, Li2O, CaO, MgO and other fluxes but are not feldspars or frits. Remember that materials can be flux sources but also perform many other roles. For example, talc is a flux in high temperature glazes, but a matting agent in low temperatures ones. It can also be a flux, a filler and an expansion increaser in bodies.
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Talc is invaluable in the ceramics industry, it is used as a glaze and body ingredient and as a parting a release agent in various processes. Is it safe?
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