03DSFF - Cone 03 Fast Fire
04DSDH - Cone 04 Drop-and-Hold
BQ1000 - Plainsman Electric Bisque Firing Schedule

C10RPL - Plainsman Cone 10R Firing
C6DHSC - Plainsman Cone 6 Slow Cool (Reactive glazes)
C6MSGL1 - Mastering Glazes Cone 6
C6PLST - Plainsman Cone 6 Electric Standard
FSCG1 - Shimbo Crystal Schedule 1
FSCGB1 - Bory 1 Fara Shimbo Crystalline Glaze
FSCGCL - Celestite
FSCGWM - Wollast-O-Matte Fara Shimbo Crystalline Glaze
FSCRGL - GC106 Base for Crystalline Glazes
FSHP1 - Shimbo Crystal Holding Pattern 1
FSHP2 - Shimbo Crystal Holding Pattern 2
FSHP3 - Shimbo Crystal Holding Pattern 3
FSNM5 - Fa's Number Five
PLC6CR - Cone 6 Crystal Glaze Plainsman
PLC6DS - Cone 6 Drop-and-Soak Firing Schedule

C04PLTP Firing Schedule

Plainsman Typical Cone 04

In the Plainsman lab we have standardized on a simple firing curve for test specimens that provides a soak for final drying and then proceeds to 100 degrees below the final temperature at 400 degrees per hour, then slows to 100 degrees per hour for the final stage. The cool is freefall. Of course, depending on the kiln used, the rate-of-rise might be slower, especially in the later stages.

Step °C °F Hold Time
1 100°C/hr to 100C  180°F/hr to 212F  60min 2:02  
2 150°C/hr to 960C  270°F/hr to 1760F  0 7:46  
3 100°C/hr to 1060C  180°F/hr to 1940F  5min 8:51  
4 Freefall°C/hr to 30C  0°F/hr to 86F    8:51  
Start temperature assumed: 25°C or 75°F

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Recipes G2853B - Cone 04 Clear Ravenscrag School Glaze
A Ravenscrag Slip base made by simply mixing it 50:50 with a frit
Firing Schedules Plainsman Electric Bisque Firing Schedule
Three-step to 1832F
Typecodes Oxidation Firing

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