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Hectalite GM

Oxide Analysis Formula
CaO 12.10% 0.26
Fe2O3 1.23% 0.01
MgO 20.70% 0.63
Al2O3 1.61% 0.02
SiO2 60.95% 1.23
Na2O 2.80% 0.05
Li2O 1.29% 0.05
K2O 0.33% 0.00
Oxide Weight 122.99
Formula Weight 134.42


A plastic magnesium-rich sodium hectorite clay of microfine particles (it is a refined version of the same material from which HPM20 and Volclay bentonite are made). One gram of the material has a surface area greater than 750 sq. meters!

Hectalite is available in grades 200 and GM, they have the same chemistry and other physical data except:
-Hectalite 200 has a viscosity of 2000-5000 cps @ 5% solids whereas GM is 50 cps.
-GM has a slightly lower pH of 8-10 whereas 200 is 9-11.
Hectalite 200 is intended for rheology control (stabilizing, gelling, suspending and binding household products, aerosols, paints, enamels and ceramic slurries) whereas GM is intended for binding and plasticizing in ceramic bodies.

The high MgO, CaO and low Al2O3 give this material a chemistry that is unlike other typical fine particled clays.

Brightness: 70 minimum
Density: 2.6 g/cubic cm
Texture: Soft, slippery
Color: White to off-white

Wet Particle Size:
Through 200 mesh: 99.75%
Through 325 mesh: 99.0%

Moisture %, Maximum: 12%
pH (2% slurry): 9.0-11.0
LOI: 18.65

Specific to GM:
Free Swell: Minimum 24 mls
Viscosity: 2000 - 5000 @ 5% solids
pH: 8.0-10.0 @ 2% solids

CAS No. 1302-78-9

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Typecodes Clay Other
Clays that are not kaolins, ball clays or bentonites. For example, stoneware clays are mixtures of all of the above plus quartz, feldspar, mica and other minerals. There are also many clays that have high plasticity like bentonite but are much different mineralogically.

By Tony Hansen

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