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Alternate Names: Atapulgite, Palygorskite, fullers earth

Oxide Analysis Formula
SiO2 55.95% 3.06
Al2O3 9.60% 0.31
MgO 9.90% 0.81
Fe2O3 6.20% 0.13
K2O 1.30% 0.05
Na2O 0.40% 0.02
CaO 2.15% 0.13
MnO 0.30% 0.01
TiO2 0.50% 0.02
H2O 11.10%n/a
Oxide Weight 283.66
Formula Weight 319.08


A very fine highly water absorbent non-swelling clay material that imparts suspension, thixotropy and binding properties to bodies and suspensions. It is found in compact blocks in sedimentary rocks and looks like soil. It feels somewhat greasy smooth and the dried material is light in weight.

Unlike smectites and montmorillonites, attapulgites do not have a flat particle shape, they have rod-shaped particles. These are electrolytically charged, enabling them to function as shear-thinning thickeners and suspension agents (by forming a dispersing thixotropic lattice by a non-swelling mechanism).

The high degree of refining plus the dispersant adsorbed on the product determines the self-dispersing characteristics. Attapulgite deposits are found in Florida (Active Minerals, a notable manufacturer, has products that include Acti-gel, Min-u-gel & Forigel - these differ in the amount refining).

One popular use of this material is heat-treating granules to improve liquid absorption and hardness for cat litter. The Swiss cheese-like micro-structure gives them extraordinary capacity to absorb liquids.

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