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Alternate Names: Minugel Attapulgite


"Acti-Gel 208" and "Minugel" are both trademark names used by different subsidiaries, Active Minerals Co. & Floridin, of ITC. Both are derived from the same attapulgite mine in Florida but Acti-Gel is much more highly refined than Minugel....mostly it has less quartz & calcite. Acti-Gel is also formulated to contain a small-% of a proprietary poly(acrylate)similar to Darvan or Dispex. The high degree of refining plus the dispersant adsorbed on the product give this product it's self-dispersing characteristics.

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Oxide Analysis Formula
Minerals Attapulgite, Palygorskite
Attapulgite is a magnesium aluminum silicate clay of very fine particle size. It is also known as Fu
Min-u-gel Product information
Materials Attapulgite
Materials Acti-Gel 208
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