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APG Missouri Fireclay

Alternate Names: AP Green, A.P., A. P., APG Fire, APGFC

Oxide Analysis Formula
CaO 0.35% 0.02
K2O 0.50% 0.02
MgO 0.35% 0.03
Na2O 0.50% 0.03
TiO2 2.00% 0.08
Al2O3 31.00% 1.00
SiO2 52.00% 2.85
Fe2O3 2.00% 0.04
Oxide Weight 291.85
Formula Weight 327.92


A popular medium plasticity buff burning clay used in stoneware, sculpture and many other types of clay bodies. It is very refractory (8-10% absorption, 12% total shrinkage cone 10) and fires to an attractive surface. It is considered very consistent.

It is also used for mortar for building kilns.

20 mesh grade:
0-0.5% on 14 mesh
0.5-10.0 on 20 mesh
35.0-50.0 through 100 mesh

28 mesh grade:
0.5-5.0 on 20 mesh
0.5-10.0 on 28 mesh
20.0-38.0 through 100 mesh

PCE; 30-31.5

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Few people actually understood what AP Green fireclay really was (it is no longer available). By carefully ascertaining its physical properties we were able to formulate a substitute material mix.
Typecodes Fireclay
Fireclays are non-kaolin non-ball clay materials similar to stoneware clays but lacking fluxing oxides. Many fireclays have a PCE of 28 or more.
Typecodes Clay Other
Clays that are not kaolins, ball clays or bentonites. For example, stoneware clays are mixtures of all of the above plus quartz, feldspar, mica and other minerals. There are also many clays that have high plasticity like bentonite but are much different mineralogically.
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AP Green Asbestos Use

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