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Alternate Names: Chiastolite

Oxide Analysis Formula
Al2O3 62.90% 1.00
SiO2 37.10% 1.00
Oxide Weight 162.16
Formula Weight 162.16


As a member of the alumino-silicate family, it has the same chemistry as sillimanite and kyanite but differs in crystalline structure. Andalusite is volume-stable at elevated temperatures and achieves a slight permanent expansion of about 1.5% at around 2730F. The andalusite deposit in Hillsboro, NC is very clean with low iron and alkali impurities.

The Pyrofrac series of andalusite phyrophyllite materials are beneficeated to maximize the available andalusite.

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Typecodes Aluminum Silicate
Materials not classifiable as commonly known aluminum silicates. For example, kaolin is a common aluminum silicate.
Typecodes Low Expansion Material
Materials used to make bodies requiring low expansion (e.g. flameware, refractories). The individual particles of these materials have low expansion. Some of theme even expand at certain temperature ranges.
Minerals Andalusite


Body Thermal ExpansionVolume stable at high temperatures.

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