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Oxide Analysis Formula
K2O 0.20% 0.01
Na2O 0.20% 0.02
TiO2 0.40% 0.03
Al2O3 16.50% 1.00
SiO2 76.90% 7.91
Fe2O3 1.00% 0.04
Oxide Weight 588.51
Formula Weight 618.18


The Pyrofrac group of mineral products is composed of co-products from the Andafrac series. These are smaller grain derivatives of coarser beneficiated Andalusite/Pyrophyllite ores. The broad range of alumina contents in this series enables tuning to a specific application. Some of these products have proven effective as components in refractory mixes, industrial ceramic products, coatings for the structural clay industry.

This analysis is for the 0204 grade which is representative of the many grades available.
The various grades differ in particle size from a coarse grog to fine powder. Alumina content varies from 13.5 to 21.0, alkalies from 0.4 to 0.9, LOI from 3.0 to 5.7.

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Typecodes Aluminum Silicate
Materials not classifiable as commonly known aluminum silicates. For example, kaolin is a common aluminum silicate.


Pyrometric Cone Equivalent23-29
Density (Specific Gravity)2.6-2.7

By Tony Hansen

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