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Fusion Frit F-12

Alternate Names: F12 Fusion,Frit F12

Oxide Analysis Formula
CaO 20.00% 0.68
Na2O 10.40% 0.32
B2O3 23.80% 0.65
Al2O3 0.80% 0.01
SiO2 45.00% 1.43
Oxide Weight 190.75
Formula Weight 190.75

Related Information

Fusion F-12 vs Ferro Frit 3134 at cone 04

Melt flow test of Frit 3134 vs F-12

On paper, Fusion F-12 has a very similar chemistry to 3134. And in practice it also appears very similar, although a little more melt fluid than the 3134.


Materials Ferro Frit 3134
Materials Solargil Frit FR8
Materials Hommel Frit 14
Materials Frit
Materials General Frit GF-111
Materials Pemco Frit P-54
Typecodes Frit


Co-efficient of Linear Expansion8.18
Frit Softening Point1450F

By Tony Hansen

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