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G200 HP Feldspar

Alternate Names: G200HP Feldspar, G-200 New Potash

Oxide Analysis Formula
Al2O3 18.20% 1.00
CaO 0.75% 0.08
Fe2O3 0.09% -
K2O 13.20% 0.79
Na2O 1.52% 0.14
SiO2 65.90% 6.16
LOI 0.16%n/a
Oxide Weight 559.85
Formula Weight 560.75


Discontinued. This is is the successor to the old G200 (see G200 Feldspar for more details). It is higher in potassium and alkali levels. The manufacturer is recommending a 3:7 blend of sodium feldspar (Minspar 200) with the new G-200HP feldspar to match the old G200 chemistry (if that is important for your application). Laguna Clay Company marketed two feldspars and labels the bags "G-200 New Potash" (this material) and "G200 Old Blend" (the 3:7 mix). They went on to import Mahavir feldspar when this one was discontinued.

Sept 2013: See the G-200 Feldspar page, the ore body of potassium feldspar will run out during 2013.

Average particle size: 13.3 micro-meters
Specific surface area: (sq-m/g) 1.21
Sieve analysis: 0.5% on 200 mesh, 5.0% on 325 mesh.

*This data is from a Jan 2013 data sheet

Related Information

Old Blend Feldspar. What is that?

Laguna Clay sells a substitute for the no-longer-available G200 feldspar. G200 HP is higher in K2O and lower in CaO than G200, Minspar is an ideal addition since it's K2O is much lower and CaO much higher. A 7:3 G200HP:Minspar mix produces a chemistry that is remarkably close (on paper) to G200. They label this blend "Old Blend". They also list a product called "New Potash" in their pricelist, that is G200 HP.

G200HP Feldspar bag


Typecodes Feldspar
The most common source of fluxes for high and medium temperature glazes and bodies.
Materials G-200 Feldspar
Materials G20 HP Feldspar
Materials Minspar 200
Materials G200 Old Blend Feldspar
Materials Kona F-4 Feldspar
Materials G-200 2R Feldspar
G200HP Feldspar data sheet
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