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Aplite A/3

Oxide Analysis Formula
CaO 1.20% 0.15
MgO 0.80% 0.14
K2O 7.00% 0.54
Na2O 1.40% 0.16
TiO2 0.28% 0.03
Al2O3 16.00% 1.14
SiO2 71.00% 8.55
Fe2O3 0.70% 0.03
LOI 1.50%n/a
SO3 0.10%n/a
Oxide Weight 712.22
Formula Weight 723.80


Aplite A/3 is extracted from an open pit terraced mine in the metal-bearing Tuscany hills. The production process extends from the quarry to the plant, where the material is crushed and reduced to the mercantile grain sizes.

Aplite is used almost exclusively as a flux in single-fired ceramic tile production. It is a unique product in that it contains almost all the components of the ceramic mix: the clay fraction, sodium and potassium feldspars, and quartz. It has a wider sintering range than pure sodium feldspar. In a trend towards shorter and shorter firing times, this property facilitates degassing of the mixture. The Italian market for single-fired ceramics has witnessed a consolidation in the use of aplite in production for its advantages regarding the quality of the finished products.

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Bulk Density g/cc (Packed) 1.4
Hardness (Moh) 6.5
Ultimate Particle Size Distribution 0-6mm
Density (Specific Gravity) 2.6
pH for dry powder 8-9
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