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Super Standard Porcelain

Alternate Names: Super Standard Porcelain Kaolin

Description: White burning high strength Cornish kaolin

Oxide Analysis Formula
SiO2 47.10% 2.14
Al2O3 37.32% 1.00
K2O 1.69% 0.05
Na2O 0.10% -
MgO 0.20% 0.01
CaO 0.20% 0.01
Fe2O3 0.61% 0.01
TiO2 0.50% 0.02
LOI 12.27%n/a
Oxide Weight 239.75
Formula Weight 273.28


A white burning UK kaolin often used in porcelains. If unavailable find a substitute having low Fe2O3 and low TiO2. If plasticity suffers augment it with a small addition of white burning bentonite in the body recipe (e.g. 1-2%).

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A white burning kaolin from the UK, commonly used in porcelain bodies and as a glaze suspender. Sticky when wet, low plasticity.
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Pure clay mineral, there are many brand names of varying purity and iron content.


Pyrometric Cone Equivalent 33
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