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Camadil 95 Dolomite

Description: Ground Dolomitic Limestone

Oxide Analysis Formula
Fe2O3 0.25% -
Al2O3 0.10% -
SiO2 0.38% 0.01
CaO 27.70% 0.53
MgO 18.00% 0.47
LOI 51.60%n/a
Oxide Weight 49.37
Formula Weight 102.01


April 2014: This material was made by Global Stone James River, but they do not have an internet presence and this material cannot found on google.

It was available in a wide range of particle sizes from 200 mesh to 3 micron for a variety of filler and extender applications such as rubber, plastics, paint, latex, fiberglass, carpet, upholstery, adhesives, asphalt roofing and many others.

This material is 58% CaCO3 and 41% MgCO3.
Camadil ® Dolomitic Fine Grind
76%/325m, 95%/325m, 99%/325m grinds
Camadil ® Ultra Fine
3 and 6 micron mean particle sizes.

GJR 270 Grade:
Medium particle size: 19.1 microns
Specific gravity: 2.83
Mohs hardness: 6.0
pH: 9.0-9.9
Oil Absorption (ASTM D-281): 15 lb/100
Dry Brightness (Hunter "L"): 93

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Limestone forms by sedimentation, of coral and shells (biological limestone) or by the precipitation
Minerals Magnesite
A magnesium carbonate mineral. It is quarried in California, Washington, Austria, Russia, Manchuria,
Materials Dolomite
An inexpensive source of MgO and CaO for ceramic glazes, also a highly refractory material when fired in the absence of reactant fluxes.
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Typecodes Flux Source
Materials that source Na2O, K2O, Li2O, CaO, MgO and other fluxes but are not feldspars or frits. Remember that materials can be flux sources but also perform many other roles. For example, talc is a flux in high temperature glazes, but a matting agent in low temperatures ones. It can also be a flux, a filler and an expansion increaser in bodies.


Sieve Analysis Dry Passing 50 mesh: 100% 100 mesh: trace 200 mesh: trace 325 mesh: 95% 400 mesh: 92%
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