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YLO-1888D Yellow Iron Oxide

Oxide Analysis Formula
Fe2O3 88.00% 1.00
Oxide Weight 160.00
Formula Weight 181.82


Harcros makes two types of yellow iron; Easy Dispersing and Regular. Both are 99.9% minus 325 mesh and have 85%+ Fe2O3. The former consists of five products ranging from light shade YLO-1888D to deep shade YLO-4088D. These products offer closely controlled mass color, tint, and strength combined with easy dispersion properties.

The regular grade consists of six products from light yellow YO-2087 to deep yellow YO-8087 (density increases and surface area decreases dramatically across this range).

The Hegman values of the regular material are not as high. The products will withstand temperatures to 450-500F in most vehicle systems. They are non-fading and non-reactive in weak acids and alkalis. They are ideal as colorants in paints, enamels, concrete, plastic, rubber and paper.

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Density (Specific Gravity)4.03
pH for dry powder7.0

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