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Zircopax Plus

Oxide Analysis Formula
HfO2 1.30% 1.09
TiO2 0.10% 0.22
ZrO2 64.80% 92.48
Al2O3 0.58% 1.00
SiO2 32.50% 95.10
Fe2O3 0.02% 0.02
Oxide Weight 17,463.10
Formula Weight 17,463.10


The designation 'Plus' refers to the particle size, it is a finer grained version zirconium silicate (see notes Zircopax). Formerly known as Superpax.

Related Information

My first zircopax kiln shelf passed with flying colors

It is 5 mm thick (compared to the 17mm of the cordierite one). It weighs 650 grams (vs. 1700 grams). It will perform at any temperature that any kiln that I have will generate and far in excess of that. It is made from a plastic body having the recipe 80% Zircopax Plus, 16.5% 60-80 Molochite grog and 3.5% Veegum T. The body is plastic and easy to roll and had 4.2% drying shrinkage at 15.3% water. The shelf warped slightly during drying, so care is needed. First-firing at cone 4 yielded a firing shrinkage of 1%). Notice that cone on the shelf: It is not stuck so no kiln wash is needed! Zircopax is super refractory! It is held together by sinter bonding, so the higher the temperature you can fire to the stronger it will be.

Ultrox Original Container Bag

These bags actually contain Zircopax Plus since Trebol is the new owner of the company.


Materials Superpax
Materials Zircosil
Materials Zircon
Materials Tin Oxide
Materials Zircopax
Materials Magnesium Zirconium Silicate
Typecodes Opacifier
Opacifiers are powders that turn transparent glazes opaque by various chemical and physical mechanisms (and combinations of mechanisms).


Density (Specific Gravity)2550


Glaze OpacifierSuperpax is a very fine grade zirconium silicate opacifier and will produce a whiter result than less expensive grades. See Zircopax.

By Tony Hansen

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