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Alternate Names: Magnabrite T

Description: Magnesium Aluminum Silicates

Oxide Analysis Formula
SiO2 70.93% 3.42
Al2O3 10.33% 0.29
MgO 9.17% 0.66
Fe2O3 1.51% 0.03
CaO 5.23% 0.27
Na2O 1.02% 0.05
K2O 0.76% 0.02
LOI 5.10%n/a
Oxide Weight 286.57
Formula Weight 301.97


Highly purified blend of white smectite clays supplied as small flakes. Used when an inorganic, thixotropic material is desired to disperse pigments, retard settling, impart body plasticity or stabilize emulsions. It is a nonmigrating binder that delivers high yield values that enable the suspension of high-density pigments and particles.

Used to ease of dispersion, high viscosity, excellent stability and rheology.

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A clay of incredibly small particle size. It has the highest plasticity of any known clay and acts as a suspending and gelling in slurries.
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