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Wilco-UPF Kaolin

Oxide Analysis Formula
SiO2 45.80% 2.06
Fe2O3 0.70% 0.01
Al2O3 37.70% 1.00
TiO2 1.70% 0.06
CaO 0.10% 0.00
Oxide Weight 232.68
Formula Weight 268.06


Wilco UPF is finer grained kaolin and can be employed in a ceramic formulation where higher permeability type kaolin is not required. It has excellent suspension qualities and lends good film strength to ceramic engobes and glazes of all temperature ranges. Wilco UPF also meets the requirements of filler applications where a dry ground processed kaolin can be employed.

This is not suitable for use in making plastic bodies that depend primarily on it for the plasticity. Thus it cannot be used in recipes as a substitute for #6 Tile kaolin, for example.

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