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Oxide Analysis Formula
CaO 0.40% 0.01
MgO 31.00% 0.99
Na2O 0.10% 0.00
Al2O3 1.00% 0.01
SiO2 61.00% 1.30
Fe2O3 1.30% 0.01
Oxide Weight 121.86
Formula Weight 128.95


No longer available.

VANTALC talcs were high purity, platy talcs from Montana. A wide range of particle sizes are available from VANTALC 2000 to 4500.
This talc has been recommended as a substitute for NYTal Talc which is no longer available. The chemistry of the two talcs is quite different, especially for CaO. VanTalc is much closer to the chemistry of theoretical talc, actually it is incredibly close, having almost no CaO whereas NYTalc had 8%. However NyTalc had much lower iron than VanTalc.

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By Tony Hansen

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