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Pyrax HS

Alternate Names: Pyrax HS#5

Oxide Analysis Formula
K2O 2.30% 0.18
Na2O 0.40% 0.05
TiO2 0.10% 0.01
Al2O3 13.80% 1.00
SiO2 80.90% 9.95
Fe2O3 0.20% 0.01
Oxide Weight 722.13
Formula Weight 739.13


Described by the manufacturer as a high sericite pyrophyllite for sanitaryware which aids in early mullite formation offering increased fired strength, faster firing cycles, and increased thermal shock resistance.

Pyrax MP, another grade, is used in rapid fire ceramic wall tile bodies. It lowers firing temperature, produces low moisture expansion bodies with good craze resistance, increases thermal shock resistance, and greatly increases firing strength in vitreous bodies.

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Materials Pyrophyllite
Materials Pyrax Pyrophyllite
Materials Pyrax RG
Typecodes Aluminum Silicate
Materials not classifiable as commonly known aluminum silicates. For example, kaolin is a common aluminum silicate.

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