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Kingman Feldspar

Oxide Analysis Formula
CaO 0.10% 0.01
K2O 12.01% 0.73
Na2O 2.80% 0.26
Al2O3 18.72% 1.05
SiO2 66.17% 6.31
Fe2O3 0.11% 0.00
Oxide Weight 572.75
Formula Weight 573.21


No longer available. When looking for a substitute, note how high KNaO content in this. It is much higher than Minspar or Custer. G200 HP, although having a different ratio of K2O/Na2O shares the high KNaO content (and other oxides levels are very similar).

Related Information

Which common American/Canadian feldspars can substitute for each other?

After comparing the chemistries of an original feldspar and a tentative substitute, these melt flow tests are an excellent way to confirm physical similarity also. These were done at cone 6 (2200F). Each feldspar is mixed with 15% Ferro Frit 3195. Some things to note: Nepheline Syenite is the champion melter. Mahavir is very similar to G200. Kingman and Custer are very similar. Our Minspar substitute is very similar to Minspar itself.


Materials Custer Feldspar
Materials G-200 Feldspar
Typecodes Feldspar
The most common source of fluxes for high and medium temperature glazes and bodies.

By Tony Hansen

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