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Gelwhite H

Description: Highly refined bentonite plasticizer


A very white burning highly processed montmorillonite material (similar to Mineral Colloid BP from the same company, Southern Clay Products). Although this material is targeted at the cosmetics industry, it can be useful in ceramics as a white burning plasticizer. These materials are almost equal to Veegum for use in producing very white burning plastic porcelains.

Was made by Southern Clay products but discontinued by new owners.

Related Information

Mineral Colloid BP, Gelwhite H, Veegum T in plastic form

Each has been mixed with water and all produce a jelly-like translucent sticky material that takes a very very long time to dry. They are expensive and, among other uses, act as white-burning plasticizers in fine porcelain bodies.

Veegum T , Mineral Colloid BP, Gelwhite H at cone 6

The Veegum is dense and white, but not melting. The Mineral Colloid fires like a typical raw bentonite (dark brown, high soluble salts and beginning to melt). The Gelwhite is completely melted and foamed.


Oxide Analysis Formula
Materials Mineral Colloid BP
Materials Veegum
A clay of incredibly small particle size. It has the highest plasticity of any known clay and acts as a suspending and gelling agent in slurries.
Minerals Montmorillonite, Bentonite
A clay mineral of extremely small particle size and high plasticity. Raw bentonite is generally a pa
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