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G-200 2R Feldspar

Oxide Analysis Formula
SiO2 66.50% 6.71
Al2O3 18.20% 1.08
Fe2O3 0.10% -
K2O 11.00% 0.71
Na2O 2.50% 0.24
CaO 0.30% 0.03
MgO 0.10% 0.02
LOI 0.30%n/a
Oxide Weight 598.46
Formula Weight 600.26


From an IMERYS mine in India. Hammill and Gillespie are importing it and are confident that the level of quality is good and it has almost the same chemistry as the G200 EU. They have product for testing in New Jersey (early 2024). The lead-time to a West Coast port is 10 to 12 weeks. It seems to have an impossibly low Fe2O3 content.

Available in 20, 40, 50 kg bags and 800,1000,1200,1250,1350 kg bulk bags.

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Materials Feldspar
In ceramics, feldspars are used in glazes and clay bodies. They vitrify stonewares and porcelains. They supply KNaO flux to glazes to help them melt.
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Materials G-200 Feldspar
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Typecodes Feldspar
The most common source of fluxes for high and medium temperature glazes and bodies.
G-200 2R Data Sheet
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