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Acumer Dispersant Polymer


A sodium salt of a polyacrylic acid selected for polymer weight, composition, structure and mode of surface adsorption. It ships as a clear, light amber solution. It is a high performance dispersant for minerals (calcium carbonate, kaolin, titanium dioxide, talc, aluminum hydroxide) that promotes low viscosities in 70% slurries and maintains low viscosity during storage at ambient or elevated temperatures.

9300 - General purpose for ceramic industry
9000, 9400 - For kaolin slurries

Related Information


Oxide Analysis Formula
Materials Sodium Silicate
A sticky, viscous liquid. The most common deflocculant used in ceramics. Also used as a bonding agent.
Materials Darvan
A common deflocculant used to disperse ceramic suspensions to minimize their water content, a more modern material than sodium silicate.
Typecodes Electrolyte
Materials used to control slurry properties of glazes and slips (vicosity, specific gravity).


Density (Specific Gravity) 10.9
pH for dry powder 7.5
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