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Sodium Bicarbonate

Oxide Analysis Formula
Na2O 36.90% 1.00
CO2 52.38%n/a
H2O 10.71%n/a
Oxide Weight 62.00
Formula Weight 167.98


Used in cobalt sulfate stains. Also a major constituent of Egyptian paste.
The decomposition occurs in two stages: starting at 70°C it gradually decomposes into sodium carbonate, then around 1000°C it disassociates into Na2O and CO2.

This material can also be used to precipitate soluble salts in clays, in a manner similar to barium carbonate. Around 0.3% was needed in one plant.

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A pure source of BaO for ceramic glazes. This is 77% BaO and has an LOI of 23% (lost at CO2 on firing).
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