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Kaopolite K 129



From Kaopolite Inc, 2444 Morris Ave, Union, NJ 07083 Phone 908-789-0609 FAX 908-851-2974

An economical white montmorillonite, K 129 combines a low iron content with a high cation exchange capacity. This unique set of properties enhances the workability of ceramic formulations and maintains an excellent fired color. In detergents, K129 Bentonite is an ideal ion exchange builder, while in liquid soaps it imparts thixotropy and a smooth consistency.

Brightness 80%
Moisture max 10%
Swelling, ml (2 gm. in 100 ml. dist. water) 16
pH (10% solids, dist water) 7.0
Thru 100 mesh: 98%
C.E.C. (meq/100 grams) 80
Free crystalline silica 10%
Specific gravity 2.6

Hazards: No hazard for skin contact, skin absorption, eye contact, ingestion. Classified as a nuisance dust.

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Oxide Analysis Formula
Materials Bentonite
Bentonite can make a clay body instantly plastic, only 2-3% can have a big effect. It also suspends slurries so they don't settle out and slows down drying.
Typecodes Kaolin
Pure clay mineral, there are many brand names of varying purity and iron content.
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