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Glomax LL Calcined Kaolin

Alternate Names: Glomax Kaolin, Ajax Glomax Kaolin

Description: Calcined Kaolin

Oxide Analysis Formula
K2O 0.41% 0.01
Na2O 0.30% 0.01
TiO2 0.94% 0.03
Al2O3 44.40% 1.00
SiO2 53.16% 2.03
Fe2O3 0.42% 0.01
LOI 0.38%n/a
Oxide Weight 228.88
Formula Weight 229.75


It is conditioned with titanium dioxide to improve performance for use in paints. According to the Imerys safety data sheet, the titanium is below 1%.

Related Information

Original container bag of Glomax calcined kaolin

This is the back side of the bag, the front side is blank. Notice it contains kaolin and titanium dioxide. The latter is added to improve performance in paints.


Materials Calcined Kaolin
Materials Kaolin
The purest of all clays in nature. Kaolins are used in porcelains and stonewares to impart whiteness, in glazes to supply Al2O3 and to suspend slurries.
Typecodes Kaolin
Pure clay mineral, there are many brand names of varying purity and iron content.


GE Brightness 86.0
% Passing 325 Mesh Wet 99.5
Particle Shape (1-7 microns) -2 microns: 14-20%
Pyrometric Cone Equivalent 36
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