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Plastic Mix 381

Oxide Analysis Formula
CaO 0.35% 0.07
K2O 0.55% 0.07
MgO 0.35% 0.10
Na2O 0.55% 0.11
TiO2 0.75% 0.11
Al2O3 8.50% 1.00
SiO2 88.50% 17.67
Fe2O3 0.75% 0.06
Oxide Weight 1,203.60
Formula Weight 1,203.60


High silica, air and heat bonded plastic refractory with graphite
It has been specially designed to resist penetration and erosion by highly acidic, iron rich slags or iron rich mattes. In a 'high workability' version, it can also be used as a thin, expendable lining for iron ladles or for repairing spouts and lips of these ladles.

Maximum service temperature: 2750F (1510C)
Dry Shrinkage 220F: 0.1-1.5% 2550F: 0.0-1.5% 2750F: 1.0-4.0%
Hot load test ASTM C16 (Dried by not previously fired): 2-5%
Panel spalling test ASTM C180 (preheated at 2750F spalling loss): 0-1%

Modulus of Rupture ASTM C491
(Dried at 220F): 50-100 in/square in (0.34-0.69 MPa)
(Heated at 1500F and cooled): 20-40 in/sq in (0.14-0.28 MPa)
(Heated at 2000F and cooled): 80-120 (0.55-0.82)

Thermal Conductivity
400F: 0.21 W/(m.K)
800F: 0.24 "
1200F: 0.28
1600F: 0.31
2000F: 0.35

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Typecodes Clay Other
Clays that are not kaolins, ball clays or bentonites. For example, stoneware clays are mixtures of all of the above plus quartz, feldspar, mica and other minerals. There are also many clays that have high plasticity like bentonite but are much different mineralogically.

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