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Ruflux 61

Alternate Names: Ruflux P

Description: Milled rutile

Oxide Analysis Formula
TiO2 75.00% 4.21
ZrO2 0.60% 0.02
Fe2O3 0.50% 0.01
SiO2 0.90% 0.07
K2O 21.00% 1.00
Oxide Weight 439.60
Formula Weight 439.60


Highly refined and milled rutile for use in ceramics in North America. refers to this as potassium titanate, they make it primarily for welding rod and friction products (with particle sizes and shapes adapted accordingly). The ceramic grade is milled to a finer particle size. This is a manufactured product, the potassium is added (they also make a sodium titanate). "Ruflux 61" is likely the same product as "Ruflux P", just milled finer.

Related Information


Materials Rutile
A raw TiO2-containing mineral used in ceramics to color and variegate glaze surfaces.
Materials Ceramic Rutile
Rutile mineral ground to a very fine particle size (e.g. 325 mesh) contributes titanium and iron that colors and variegates ceramic glazes.
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