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Ceradel Frit C 1251

Alternate Names: C1251 Fritte, C 1251 Fritte, Ceradel Frit 1251

Oxide Analysis Formula
SiO2 21.21% 1.00
PbO 78.79% 1.00
Oxide Weight 283.28
Formula Weight 283.28


This analysis is guessed, the manufacturer calls it a lead monosilicate and provides the approximate chemistry of (SiO2 - 15-40%, PbO 60-100%. However since the lead monosilicate analysis is universally 1:1 lead:silica that is what we have assigned here. We have another source that confirms that.

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Materials Frit
Materials Ceradel Frit C 1249
Materials Lead Bisilicate Frit
Materials Lead Monosilicate Frit
Typecodes Leaded Frit
Frits can contain 1% or 80% PbO so this category can be misleading, check the chemistry to find out.


Co-efficient of Linear Expansion83x10-7 (20-300C)
Frit Softening Point900-1100C

By Tony Hansen

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