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Frit A 3032

Alternate Names: Frit A3032

Oxide Analysis Formula
CaO 7.00% 0.39
Na2O 12.00% 0.61
Al2O3 12.00% 0.37
SiO2 62.00% 3.24
B2O3 7.00% 0.32
Oxide Weight 314.14
Formula Weight 314.14

Related Information

A frit manufacturer that used to publish chemistry

I was impressed with this frit company, Reimbold & Strick. Their frit data was educational, by studying the chemistry of their matte frits, for example, you could see the various mechanisms that produce the effect. But, it is no longer available. However, with a little determination you could likely find the pages at the internet archive (see link below).


Materials Frit
Typecodes Frit
Reimbold & Strick Frit chart with chemistry


Co-efficient of Linear Expansion75 x 10-7 (20-400C)
Frit Softening Point640C
Glass Transition Temperature600C

By Tony Hansen

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