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Granular Ilmenite

Alternate Names: Illmenite Granular, Granular Illmenite, Granular Iron Titanate

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Original Container bag of Granular Ilmenite

Illmenite Granular in a porcelain clay body

Fired at cone 6. This grade of illmenite is about 17% between 70 and 100 mesh, the rest in finer than 100 mesh. By Garret Schipper.


Oxide Analysis Formula
Typecodes Colorant
Metallic based materials that impart fired color to glazes and bodies.
Materials Granular Rutile
Materials Ilmenite
Materials Manganese Granular
Materials Magnetite Granular


Glaze VariegationIllmenite granular is available in a variety of particle sizes and can be employed to add speckle to glazes. Start with about 0.2%.

By Tony Hansen

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