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Pyrotrol 3503

Oxide Analysis Formula
K2O 0.40% 0.02
Na2O 0.40% 0.03
TiO2 0.40% 0.02
Al2O3 20.50% 1.00
SiO2 75.50% 6.25
Fe2O3 0.40% 0.01
Oxide Weight 485.62
Formula Weight 499.61


The Pyrotrol group of mineral products offers a controlled blend of milled Andalusite/Pyrophyllite ores designed to control strinkage in whiteware ceramic applications. Alumina contents are controlled to meet certain specifications. Pyrotrol produces an excellent kiln car wash and is an inexpensive coating material for facebrick production.

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Materials Pyrotrol


Bulk Density lbs/cu. ft. (Packed)40
Pyrometric Cone Equivalent26
Sieve Analysis Dry+325 mesh: 1%
Density (Specific Gravity)2.80


Body Thermal ExpansionPyrotrol products impart higher strength in electrical porcelains and reduce dunting problems associated with traditional porcelain bodies if substituted for silica content.

By Tony Hansen

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