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Erbium Oxide

Alternate Names: Lanthanide

Oxide Analysis Formula
Er2O3 100.00% 1.00
Oxide Weight 382.50
Formula Weight 382.50


This is a lanthanide rare earth oxide, it is available as a raw powder.
It is used in ceramics as a colorant and can have an opacifying effect.

For information on making vibrant colors using lanthanides visit the page by David Pier linked to this record.

Quote from David Pier: "The oxide is a light baby pink color. It is the most expensive, the densest, and the weakest of these three colorants, but the only way you will ever get a transparent pink. Erbium oxide's density means it is absolutely essential that you use CMC gum. Erbium oxide gives its best pink color at concentrations of 8-10%, but it is difficult to get more than 8% to fully dissolve in the melt. It has given a more lavender color in the presence of iron traces in reduction."

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